Queen Elizabeth visited Dhaka twice

Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96 after a long illness. He was the longest reigning monarch in British history. The world is mourning the death of the queen. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is also remembering him with due dignity. Many have reminisced about meeting the queen. Did you know that he came to Dhaka twice in his lifetime?

Queen Elizabeth II visited Dhaka in 1961 and 1983. Apart from this, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest Bengali of all time, the promulgator of Bangladesh’s independence, also met him in London.

Some information about the visit of ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’, who has been sitting on the throne for 70 years, in Dhaka is highlighted in this report-

In 1961, Bangladesh was then known as East Pakistan. Dhaka was the capital of this region belonging to the state of Pakistan. Rani visited Dhaka for the first time on February 15 that year. On his arrival, the then government prepared various arrangements. She was given this honor when the queen came to Dhaka.

1983, Bangladesh is independent and sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II visited Dhaka for the second time that year. He was in Bangladesh for five days from November 14 to 17 that year. A guard of honor was given in honor of his arrival. His royal visit was not confined only to the capital. Rani went to Chittagong.

On the day Rani stepped foot in Dhaka, banners were made on the streets to honor her. The banner read ‘Long Live Bangladesh-UK Friendship’. About 18 km road from Dhaka International Airport is covered with these banners.

The then government issued a commemorative postage stamp of 10 rupees in honor of the queen. The ticket featured the Queen’s portrait. Pictured was her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Rani also visited the National Memorial which was built as a sign of tribute to the martyrs who died in the Great Liberation War of 1971. Wreaths were laid at the altar of the memorial to honor the martyrs.

He went to Chittagong and visited a model village. See how mudri is made from paddy. Elizabeth also saw the process of making handmade goods.

The British Queen also visited the office of Save the Children in Dhaka.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II also gave greetings to the people of Bangladesh on the 50th Independence Day of Bangladesh.

Queen Elizabeth II and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
After the independence of Bangladesh, the father of the Bengali nation came to the country via England. On January 8, 1972, Bangabandhu met the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London.

Bangabandhu met Elizabeth as the first head of state of independent Bangladesh. Their meeting at Buckingham Palace was both historic and momentous.

The Queen’s meeting with the hero of a newly independent state was widely covered in the international media.

According to a BBC report, Bangladesh defeated Pakistan in nine months of bloody war. The country’s great hero Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was still imprisoned in West Pakistan. This leader of Bangladesh who won in 1971 was released from prison in Karachi in 1972. But he could not go back to his country directly. He has to come to England.

Bangladesh was a comparatively less important country in the international context. But the British government gave a warm welcome to the hero of a country’s history. Mujib arrived at Buckingham Palace on January 8, 1972. He was welcomed by then British Prime Minister Edward Heath. He was then met by Queen Elizabeth II. She was accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Elizabeth has the record of traveling abroad more than any other British monarch during her reign. During his lifetime, he visited only Commonwealth countries one hundred and fifty times.

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