CPB protests in Chittagong against the increase in commodity prices

CPB protests in Chittagong against the increase in commodity prices
CPB protests in Chittagong against the increase in commodity prices

The Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) held a protest rally in Chittagong against the increase in commodity prices. The rally was held on the initiative of Dewan Bazar-Andarkilla branch at Andarkillah junction of the city on Friday (September 9) afternoon.

District CPB President Ashok Saha, Kotwali Police Station President Pradip Bhattacharya, Youth Leader Rupon Kanti Dhar, Sakharov Hossain Sevak, Abhijit Barua, Tiklu Dey addressed the rally under the chairmanship of Dewan Bazar-Andarkilla branch member Fazal Ahmed and General Secretary Javed Chowdhury.

At that time, the district CPB president Ashok Saha said that the prices of commodities, including fuel oil, continue to rise. It has breathed life into the lives of common people. Two and a half million people are unemployed and three million people have fallen below the poverty line in the country.

The wages of workers and working people have not increased. All transport fares have already increased due to the rise in fuel prices. Irrigation and transportation costs have increased. The government has taken away people’s right to rice and vote.

He further said that the present government has destroyed all democratic structures in the name of development. Election and judicial system is on the verge of destruction today. The government without vote is going to kill the people of the country with rice today.

Strongly condemning and protesting the attack on the CPB public meeting in Kalmakanda, Netrakona, the speakers said that the government is becoming more authoritarian as time passes. Chhatra League goons have been brought into the field to stop the voice of the people who speak up for the people against the government.

But the voice of left progressive forces cannot be suppressed by bullying, incivility, attacks and torture. We will continue to speak against the undemocratic behavior of the government, we will continue to fight.’

Speakers also said that during the critical period of the country, intense mass struggle should be built against murder-rape, lack of democracy, looting, lack of justice and increase in commodity prices. There is no alternative to a strong Communist Party to build mass struggle in every ward of Kotwali police station.

Iqbal Hussain/SAH/ASM

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