This year, an average of 45 students commit suicide every month! | 1181704 | The voice of time

This year, an average of 45 students commit suicide every month! | 1181704 | The voice of time
This year, an average of 45 students commit suicide every month! | 1181704 | The voice of time

An average of 45 students committed suicide every month this year. Among them there are students from different levels of university, college, school, madrasa, nursing etc. This Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. ‘Student suicide rate is increasing; How important is it for us to be concerned? Social and voluntary organization Anchal Foundation informed this information in a virtual press conference on the topic of ‘Survey’.

The organization presented this information by analyzing suicide news from 150 national and local newspapers and online portals from January to August this year.


According to the survey, 364 people who were studying in various educational institutions committed suicide between January and August this year. Among them there are students from different levels of university, college, school, madrasa, nursing etc. Among the 364 suicides, 194 are school students, 76 are college students, 50 are university students, and 44 are madrasa students. Male students are 60.00 percent, female students are 40.00 percent among the university students. 46.05 percent of college students are male, 53.95 percent are female. Among the students of the school, 32.99 percent are male, 67.01 percent are female. 39.29 percent of madrasa students are male and 60.71 percent are female.

Apart from this, according to the survey, female students are ahead in suicide, which is 60.71 percent or 211 of the total number of suicides. On the other hand, there are 39.29 percent or 143 male students. According to the category, considering the location of suicides, the capital Dhaka is at the top and Sylhet is the lowest.
In the last eight months, the percentage of suicides was 25.27 percent in Dhaka, 16.48 percent in Chittagong, 14.01 percent in Khulna, 8.78 percent in Rangpur, 9.62 percent in Barisal, 7.42 percent in Mymensingh, 14.01 percent in Rajshahi and 4 in Sylhet. Percentage of students committed suicide.

According to the survey, the causes of suicide include pride, romantic reasons, session trouble, failure in exams, study pressure, not getting anything from family, family quarrels, rape and sexual harassment, theft or false accusation, mental problems, rejection in marriage, not liking husband. , not buying a motorbike from home etc. Among them, 25.27 percent due to love affair, 24.73 percent due to insult, 7.42 percent due to mismatch with family, 6.59 percent due to family quarrel, 4.67 percent due to rape or sexual harassment, 6 due to mental problems. .59 percent, 0.82 percent due to study pressure, 0.82 percent depressed due to session congestion, 1.92 percent due to failure in exams, 1.65 percent due to plagiarism, 1.92 percent due to financial problems, 0. 55 percent, 1.10 percent students committed suicide due to rejection of marriage proposal and dislike of husband. However, the reason for suicide of 15.93 percent is not known in the survey.

In a press conference, Professor Kamal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Dhaka, said that suicide is currently increasing at an alarming rate. This trend is especially high among younger school going generations. It is the need of the hour to find out what are the reasons behind this rate increasing at such an alarming rate and take appropriate steps. Otherwise students are at risk of developing other mental problems even if they are not suicidal in the condition they are going through now. Professionals should also discuss this issue and work together on what steps to take.

Tansen Rose, founder president of Anchal Foundation, said, “We have to realize at the outset that this crisis is no less important than Corona.” 364 suicides of the future generation is a huge number. Therefore, the participation of every stakeholder including the government, society, family and individual is necessary by terming it as a crisis. If everyone is aware from their place, it will be possible to deal with this problem easily.

Apart from this, in the press conference, students were given 10 recommendations for suicide prevention and mental health protection. These are: formation of a task force of experts to combat suicide; Implement psychoeducation in textbooks and mindfulness strategies through students; Instructing the Ministry of Education to place agendas related to student mental health and suicide on the agenda of school-college parent assemblies; Recruitment of psychiatrists in all types of educational institutions; Providing basic mental health training to students in institutions; Ensure increased participation and implementation of co-curricular activities; Conducting mobile campaigns in educational institutions by organizations working on mental health; Using special tools on social media to identify depression, offensive images, live streaming of suicides, suicide posts, etc.; There is a legal obligation to hold family and acquaintances responsible for suicide; Launching a toll free national hotline number to make mental health care quick and accessible.

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