Rajshahi demands to determine the price of chicken and eggs

Rajshahi demands to determine the price of chicken and eggs
Rajshahi demands to determine the price of chicken and eggs

Rajshahi: In the face of continuous losses, around 25 thousand chicken farms in Rajshahi district have been closed since the start of Corona. At present, about 20,000 farms remaining in the district are also on the way to closure.

In this situation, the Rajshahi Poultry Farmers Union Association has demanded that the price of chicken and eggs be determined by the government immediately.

On Saturday (September 3) morning, a press conference was organized in a restaurant in Rajshahi metropolis on this demand.

In the press conference, the leaders of the organization said that farmers have to pay a loss of 1 taka 90 paisa for each white egg and 2 taka for golden eggs while selling in the market rather than the cost of production. Similarly, they have to pay losses in chicken.

From the press conference, a demand was made to the government to determine the price of eggs and chickens by determining a profit of 60 to 80 paisa per egg and 20 to 25 rupees per kg of chicken over the cost of production.

Convener of Rajshahi Poultry Farm Oyka Parishad Hasibul Alam Shaon made this statement in the press conference. Besides, Rajshahi Poultry Farmers Association President Ismail Hossain and Poultry Dealers Association President Mohammad Ali also spoke at the press conference.

It should be noted that currently the price of white eggs is 34 taka and red eggs are 36 taka in Rajshahi market. Besides, broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 170 per kg, golden chicken at Tk 270 and layer chicken at Tk 240 per kg.

Bangladesh Time: 1345 hours, September 03, 2022

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