Summons issued against 5 people including CDA chairman, secretary

Summons issued against 5 people including CDA chairman, secretary
Summons issued against 5 people including CDA chairman, secretary

Chittagong: Chittagong First Labor Court has issued summons against Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Zahirul Alam Dubash Prakash Dolphin, CDA Secretary Anwar Pasha and 5 people for contempt of court.

On Thursday (September 1), Chittagong First Labor Court Mohammad Taufiq Aziz gave the order.

Court bench assistant Ali Newaz Khan confirmed the matter to BanglaNews.

According to court sources, Habibur Rahman, the CDA Senior Assistant and General Secretary of the Chittagong Development Authority Employees League, was dismissed on March 13, 2014 due to the activities of the legitimate trade union. Habibur Rahman filed a case against the dismissal in the First Labor Court of Chittagong on June 1, 2014. whose case number is 09/2014. On 24 July 2014, the court canceled the removal (termination) order on 13 March 2014. Within 30 days of the announcement of the judgment, Habibur Rahman was ordered to be reinstated in his job with full salary after paying all the outstanding salary and allowances. On July 28, after collecting the copy of the judgment, Habibur Rahman personally went to the CDA and submitted the application form. On the same date the accession letter is also sent by regular registered post.

Humanitarian applications for rejoining were sent by post on August 3. All 5 did not re-instate the job intentionally with each other’s connivance. Which is showing direct contempt for the judgment of the court. Jatiya Sramik League President Noor Qutb Alam Mannan (CDA) Chairman Zahirul Alam sent a written recommendation letter to Prakash Dolphin giving specific opinion on joining the service of Habibur Rahman. In 30 working days, the 5 accused persons, in connivance with each other, did not join Habibur Rahman, did not pay the due salary, allowances, took shelter of lies and trickery. Habibur Rahman filed a case on August 31 according to sections 283, 292, 293, 303 and 307 of the Labor Act 2006 on the charges of deliberately and habitually violating and disobeying the law and the court’s rulings, orders and decisions. The court accepted the case.

Sukhmoy Chakraborty, the lawyer for the accused, told BanglaNews that CDA Chairman Zahirul Alam Dubash Prakash Dolphin, CDA Secretary Anwar Pasha, CDA Deputy Secretary (Acting Secretary) Amal Guha, CDA Chief Engineer Kazi Hasan Bin Shams and CDA Finance and Accounting Officer Mohammad Naj have been charged with contempt of court. The case was first filed in the Labor Court. The court accepted the case and issued summons against 5 accused. Summons sent to Kotwali police station. Five people have been asked to appear before the court and get bail by September 25.

Bangladesh Time: 1810 hours, September 1, 2022

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