Hrithik Roshan | Hrithik Roshan’s Girlfriend Saba Azad comments on actor’s photo dgtl

If you are not impressed by his handsome face, you may not find such a woman even if you look for it with binoculars! He is completely different in terms of appearance of the heroes of Balipara. Every time Superstar Hrithik Roshan is caught on camera, the hearts of female fans flutter. This time, seeing the picture of the hero, his lover himself was stunned.

Lover Saba Azad expressed her excitement after seeing a picture of Hrithik on Instagram. Hrithik posted that picture in grey. Where the hero is seen in that magical avatar. Hrithik’s gaze towards the camera seems to say nothing. Seeing this photo of her lover, Saba openly wrote, ‘You are beautiful.’ After that he jokingly wrote, ‘OK bye.’

Hrithik’s fans have started talking about Sabar A Hein’s comments on social media. Saba is losing her lover! Ever since they fell in love, Hrithik and Saba have been seen in pairs. The paparazzi are eager to frame him. As the days go by, that love seems to be deepening.

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Under the photo, Hrithik wrote, the sun was shining in his mind. But cinematographer Avinash Gowarika took a gray picture. However, although the picture is grey, Hrithik’s eyes are bright.

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