Srilekha’s harsh reply to birthday video taunts

Srilekha’s harsh reply to birthday video taunts
Srilekha’s harsh reply to birthday video taunts

Tollywood actress Srilekha Mitra could not escape the attention of critics even on her birthday. Chutie celebrated his 50th birthday with close people on Tuesday.

From Monday night, eating and drinking, dancing and singing, shouting and cheering have started. The actress also shared the moments of the birthday celebration on the internet. As soon as the pictures and videos were published on social media, a storm of comments started.

The actress shared a video of taking a ‘tequila shot’ on her birthday. Seeing that, you have to hear different comments. And after seeing that, Srilekha got angry.

He wrote, TMC chicks made the video of me taking tequila shots viral. Poor people have to eat cheap bangla with stolen money, my dear… may have suffered seeing eating. Ah! I ate on my birthday, in my own house, with my own money – I did it. Don’t eat on anyone’s inspiration.

Such a sudden comment in the midst of birthday happiness is quite offensive. In this context Srilekha said, they are not worthy of my attention. I didn’t celebrate my birthday on someone’s father’s money. Well, if they earn some money by slandering my name, that’s fine. I don’t know anything.

For now, Srilekha wants to concentrate on his management. He will start working on his next film very soon.

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