All banks in Lebanon are closed indefinitely

All banks in Lebanon are closed indefinitely
All banks in Lebanon are closed indefinitely

International Desk: Lebanese banks have been closed indefinitely due to lack of adequate security. This announcement was made on Wednesday by the Bank Association of the country.

According to the report of the British media BBC, for the past few weeks, unpleasant incidents have been happening one after another in the country’s banks. There have even been incidents of hostage taking. After that, the bank closure was announced.

The bank association blames the government for such an unsafe environment for bank employees. Bank employees are at risk and the government has not taken any steps to mitigate this risk, they alleged.

Banks were supposed to open from Thursday after being closed for three days last week. But this time it is not happening. Earlier, a woman entered a bank with a toy pistol and withdrew money from her account. He needed money urgently as his sister was a cancer patient.

But the bank refused to refund him his money. As the economy of the country is not good, the banks are also not able to return the money to the customers. As a result, the woman was forced to take the bank officials hostage and recover her money.

Such incidents have also occurred to withdraw savings. Last Friday, five such incidents happened in one day. Lebanon is currently going through a severe financial crisis. 80 percent of the country’s population is struggling to afford food and medicine. The common people are supporting the way people have gone inside the bank to get back their savings.

Last August, a man armed with a gun entered a bank and demanded his savings. At one point the bank authorities were forced to pay it and he walked out with £35,000 of his savings. That incident attracted the attention of many people as well as public support. No case was filed against him.

Incidentally, since 2019, the banks have fixed the maximum limit for withdrawing dollars. Because since then, the Lebanese currency, the pound, has fallen sharply and the prices of goods have risen sharply.

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