Recommendations to reduce the price of palm oil and sugar

Recommendations to reduce the price of palm oil and sugar
Recommendations to reduce the price of palm oil and sugar

Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission has recommended to reduce the price of palm oil by Tk 12 per liter. The organization in charge of reviewing the prices of daily necessities has recently recommended this in a report to the Ministry of Commerce. However, the commission recommended maintaining the current price of soybean oil. On the other hand, the price of both open and packaged sugar has been suggested to be reduced by at least Rs 6 per kg.

According to yesterday’s market price data of TCB, good quality palm oil (super) is being sold at Tk 145 to Tk 150 per liter in different markets of Dhaka city. Another type of palm oil is priced at Tk 126 to Tk 135 per liter. On August 23, the Ministry of Commerce fixed the price of super palm oil at a maximum of Tk 145 per liter. The Tariff Commission has recommended fixing the maximum price of Super Palm Oil at Rs 133 per liter.

Sugar is being sold at the rate of Tk 90 to Tk 95 per kg in various markets of the capital. Sugar prices were last fixed on September 9 last year. But for more than six months, it has been selling above the fixed price. The commission has recommended a maximum of Rs 84 per kg for loose sugar and a maximum of Rs 88 per kg for packaged sugar.

On July 31, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said in a press conference that prices of rice, lentils, sugar, flour, flour, edible oil (soybean and palm oil), eggs, rods, cement will be fixed. This decision has been taken because the prices of these products have increased abnormally. For this reason, the Ministry of Commerce has instructed the Tariff Commission to review what should be the reasonable price of these products and give a report. Although the Minister of Commerce announced the day after the Minister of Agriculture. Abdur Razzak said, it will not be right to fix the price of agricultural products.

An official of the Tariff Commission told Samakal that the Ministry of Commerce had given instructions to prepare a report on what should be the fair market price of some products. But they reviewed and found that the Agricultural Marketing Act has empowered the Ministry of Agriculture to fix the prices of products like rice, flour, flour, pulses, eggs and onions. At the same time, the Directorate of Agriculture Marketing has been regularly publishing the rational market prices of these products and several other products. Because of this, prices of edible oil and sugar have been reviewed without reviewing the prices of rice, flour, flour, pulses, eggs.

He also said that many types of raw materials are used in rods and cement. Their information is being collected. That’s why the review takes some time. An overall report has been sent to the Ministry of Commerce. There are recommendations on palm oil and sugar prices. It has been mentioned that what should be the reasonable price of rice, dal, flour, flour, eggs is regularly done by the Directorate of Agriculture Marketing. And time has been sought to review the prices of rods and cement. It is expected that a review report will be prepared in this regard within the next week.

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