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The Premier League has been suspended

The Premier League has been suspended
The Premier League has been suspended

The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has also cast a shadow of mourning on sports. As a tribute to him, the English Premier League authorities have suspended all matches this week.

In a statement, Premier League officials said on Friday (September 09) that all matches this week, including Monday evening’s match (Leeds-Forest), have been postponed as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth’s remarkable life and contribution to the nation.

Earlier on Thursday (September 8), 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last at Balmoral Castle. The United Kingdom has declared 10 days of mourning for the death of the longest-reigning queen in its history. There are various formalities including keeping the national flag at half-mast, paying respects, observing silence. This has also affected English football.

Starting with Chelsea v Fulham next Saturday, Leeds United v Nottingham Forest on Monday in the schedule have been postponed. However, on September 16, Aston Villa and Southampton will play the football league again as usual.

The EPL authorities had earlier expressed grief in a statement mourning Rani’s death. They said, we are condoling with the royal family. The entire world was plunged into grief over Rani’s death.

Earlier, the England and Wales Cricket Board postponed the second day of the third Test between England and South Africa as a tribute to Queen.

Rani’s death is mourned by the common people of the sports world, starting with the legendary stars. Brazilian legend Pele has mourned the death of Rani. Reminisced about the Queen’s visit to Brazil in 1968 to watch a football match.

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