90 meter javelin throw is not ‘bench mark’! Why did he comment ‘golden boy’?

G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Won the gold after recovering from groin injury. He made history as the first Indian (India) athlete to win the Diamond League (Diamond League). Yet hearing Neeraj Chopra, only one question keeps popping up. When will he throw the 90 meter javelin? This soldier of the Indian Army has been hearing the same question ever since he won gold in the Tokyo Olympics. So this time he got a little bored. He said at the press conference, ‘This is the problem in our country!’

At the Letzigrand Stadium in Zurich, Neeraj started well with a foul, but on his second attempt Neeraj sent his javelin 88.44m (4th career best). This throw brought Neeraj the dream title. In the next four attempts, Neeraj threw his javelin at distances of 88.00m, 86.11m, 87.00m and 83.60m respectively. Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlez, who won Olympic silver in the Diamond League final, finished second with a throw of 86.94m and Germany’s Julian Weber finished third with a throw of 83.73m.

After coming to the press conference, Neeraj said, ’90 meter javelin throw is definitely an achievement. But if it falls behind, the stress will increase. It is better to rely on your own strength and skills. Think I once got injured while throwing the javelin 90 meters! What will happen then! The biggest problem of the common people of our country is that they don’t think about my side!’

Not stopping here, the ‘golden boy’ added, ‘The most important and precious thing for me is winning the medal. It doesn’t really matter how many meters I throw the javelin and get a medal. I am able to shine the name of the country by performing continuously. Celebrating with the national flag. That is what is precious to me.’

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In this direction, the National Games will start from September 29. Will continue till October 12. However, Neeraj will not participate in the National Games this time. But why did he decide? Neeraj’s reply, ‘The National Games are ahead. I know that. However, I have just returned from a groin injury. At that time I am not willing to take any risk. For now I am preparing for next year.’

Neeraj returned to the track after a long month of injury problems. A week ago, Neeraj was surprised when he landed in Lausanne of the Diamond League. He took the top spot with a javelin throw of 89.08m. Became the first Indian to win the meet title. Neeraj explained that this time he will return by writing history. In 2017 and 2018, Neeraj qualified for the finals of the event but finished seventh and fourth. Neeraj fulfilled his elusive dream by winning the title this time.

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