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The body of a young man was recovered from the paddy field in Joypurhat

The body of an unidentified youth was recovered from a pond in Lakshipur

Joypurhat Representative:

The body of a young man named Ashraful Islam Khelu (32) was recovered from the paddy field in Akkelpur of Jaipurhat with his head and face crushed. Police recovered the body from the paddy field on the north side of Tilakpur Mahavidyalaya of Tilakpur Union of Upazila.

The deceased youth was a development and flexiload trader on the platform of Tilakpur railway station. He is the son of Chamchul Haque Baga of Kanchpara village of that union. Locals said that miscreants killed him and left him in the paddy field late on Thursday night

According to local and police sources, on Friday morning, a man while picking chillies in his field started shouting after seeing a dead body with its head and face crushed by the side of the paddy field. At that time, the locals came to the spot and informed the police. The police recovered the body after receiving information. A bloody brick was lying next to the body.

The family members said that about one and a half lakh rupees were robbed from him in the last few days. Besides, he had a love relationship with a girl for a long time. The family believes that the murder may have happened due to these incidents.

Delwar Hossain, elder brother of the deceased, said, ‘My brother closed his shop and did not return home around 10:15 on Thursday night. When I called his mobile phone, the phone was switched off. We searched a lot at night but could not find it.

Tilakpur Union Parishad Chairman Salim Mahbub Sajal said, ‘In the morning, I went to the spot after receiving information from the village police. The boy was polite. We know that he had no enmity with anyone.

Akkelpur Police Station Acting Officer (OC) Abu Bakar Siddique said that the body of a young man whose head and face were crushed was recovered from the paddy field. No one has been arrested in this incident so far. The investigation is ongoing.


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