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Laddu | A laddu sold at almost rupees 25 lakh in Hyderabad dgtl

If the price of a laddu is too high in the shop, 15-20 Tk. A better quality laddu may cost Rs 50. But a laddu costs several lakhs of rupees, it may be hard to believe. But a laddu was recently sold in Hyderabad for around Rs 25 lakh.

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, huge laddus are made every year in Balapur, Hyderabad. After that the laddoos were auctioned. This year the weight of the laddoos was 21 kg. The laddoos were auctioned on Friday. The auction started at Rs 1,116. Ten people participated in that auction. As the price rises, it reaches 26 lakh 60 thousand taka. Bengeti Laksha Reddy bought that laddu for around 25 lakhs after a tug of war.

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In 2021 also 21 koji laddus were made. That laddu is sold for 19 lakhs. The entrepreneurs said that this is the first time that the price of more than 20 lakh rupees has been raised in the auction. The residents of Balapur believe that this laddu of Puja has a lot of contribution in improving their lives. Hence this laddu is called bangaru laddu or golden laddu.

In 1994, the gold laddu auction started. In that year, the price of laddoos increased by 450 rupees. Since then, that tradition has been going on. The money earned from the sale of laddus is used for the development of Balapur.

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