Despite the supply, the prices of daily commodities are increasing

Despite the supply, the prices of daily commodities are increasing
Despite the supply, the prices of daily commodities are increasing

The commodity market is becoming unstable again. Vegetable, egg and chicken prices have increased over the week. Common people are disorientated in the market due to rising commodity prices. Even though the supply is fine, the prices of eggs, vegetables, chicken and fish have increased in a span of seven days. However, the price of rice has decreased slightly. On Friday (September 9), this information was learned by visiting different markets of the capital.

Talking to the sellers in different markets of Badda, it is known that beans, tomatoes and carrots were sold for Tk 120 to Tk 140 per kg in the retail market. Besides, each piece of gourd was sold for 60-70 taka. Barab is 80-90 per kg, corolla 80, brinjal 60-70, patol 40-50, dhundal 60, shrimp 40-50, cucumber 40 and per kg cucumber is sold at Tk 80. In other words, all types of vegetables have increased from Tk 10 to Tk 15 per kg within a week. However, the price of green chillies is decreasing somewhat. At present it is being sold at Tk 50-60 per kg. 35 to 40 Tk extra per kg of potatoes as before.

Regarding the increase in the price of vegetables, Alam Hossain, a vegetable seller, said that there has been a lot of rain for the past few days. So maybe the price of vegetables has increased a bit.

Last week, each dozen eggs were sold at 120 taka, but the price increased, but this week they are selling at 130 taka. Besides, the price of broiler chicken has increased by 10 taka per kg, now the price of broiler chicken is 180 taka per kg, cock 300 to 320 taka and gold chicken price is 280 to 300 taka. However, beef is being sold at the previous price of 700 taka and beef is being sold at 1000 taka per kg.

It has been seen from different fish markets that a kg of roe fish is being sold at Tk 320 to Tk 450. Tilapia, pangas fish are selling for 160 to 200 taka per kg. A kg of horn fish is being sold at 350 to 460 Tk. A kg of fish is being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 250. A kg of Pabda fish is being sold at 400 to 500 taka. Shrimp and hilsa are being sold at high prices depending on the size. 800 to 1000 rupees per kg of shrimps are being sold. And one kilogram of hilsa is selling for 1500 to 1800 taka. A kg of hilsa weighing 700-800 grams is being sold at Tk 900 to Tk 1000. And a kg of 400-500 grams of hilsa is being sold at 700 to 800 taka.

According to the government agency TCB, the prices of rice, sugar, lentils, dry chillies, ginger, cumin, cloves, cardamom, hilsa fish, beef, powdered milk, salt and farm eggs have increased in the last one month after the increase in fuel oil prices. The prices of various cosmetics including soap, toothpaste, coconut oil have increased up to 44 percent. Earlier, the price of half a kg of detergent was 60 taka, now it is 90 taka. The price of Tk 52 soap is now Tk 75.

The private employee said about the market price of the capital. Kausar Hossain said that the price of everyday products is increasing due to various reasons. Earlier, low-income people used to eat broilers to satisfy their taste for meat. At present this broiler has also gone beyond the affordability of people. If this continues, survival will become difficult.


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