GPO building is being constructed at a cost of Tk 14 crore in Barisal

GPO building is being constructed at a cost of Tk 14 crore in Barisal
GPO building is being constructed at a cost of Tk 14 crore in Barisal

GPO building is being constructed at a cost of Tk 14 crore in Barisal

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Barisal, September 4, 2022 (BSS) : To digitize the overcrowded post office in present digital Bangladesh, GPO building is being constructed in Barisal at a cost of around 14 crore rupees. In the meantime, about 70 percent of the post office building renovation and newly constructed GPO building projects have been completed.
According to the related sources of Barisal Post Office Department, the construction of the GPO building with modern facilities was taken up at an initial cost of around 9.5 million taka, but later it was increased and the project cost was fixed at around 13.95 million taka.
According to the source, along with digitizing the post office system, the work of digitizing the post office by imparting digital skills to all the officers and employees of the department is going on. As a result, digitalization will be created in production-oriented activities. This money will be paid from the current government’s own funds. This project will be implemented by the Department of Posts and Telecommunications.
Related sources also said that if the GPO building project is implemented, all necessary infrastructural facilities will be available from the post office department for sorting and distribution of parcels and logistics, as well as providing improved customer service, including the vault room for money storage.
In this regard, Post Master of Barisal Post Office Division (Ext:) said. Zainal Abedin Khan said, starting from frozen food, there is no alternative to the post office to deliver the daily necessities to the customers in remote and inaccessible areas. During the corona epidemic, the post office was not closed even for a day under emergency services. As a result, farmers have been able to deliver all types of medical equipment, starting from transporting fruits and vegetables. The post office is an institution of trust and confidence of grassroots marginalized people. The present government is working to make this post office more modern and modern.
The postmaster also said that the quality of postal services will change if the recommendations of the recently made ‘Digital Service Lab’ are implemented for the digitization of the post office.
Nazrul Islam Chunnu, District Correspondent of Bangladesh Betar, said that if the suggestions of ‘Digital Service Lab’ are implemented according to the current government’s policies for the digitization of the post office, there will be drastic changes in the post office department. Hope the post office department will get back its shape and speed in the coming days. At the same time, it will bring modern technology and possibilities.
In this context, freedom medalist historian Siraj Uddin Ahmed said that the postal system has been developed in this country since the British period. The scope of this postal department extends to remote areas of the country. This postal department, which is almost 150 years old, could not keep pace with modern technology or time. After the great independence post office was established but modernization was not possible due to various reasons or complications. Time has come for the post office department to turn around.

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