Serena said goodbye to tennis after 27 years

Serena said goodbye to tennis after 27 years
Serena said goodbye to tennis after 27 years

Serena Williams- Tennis legend. The last two to three generations have grown up listening to it since birth. But nobody saw Serena leave the tennis racket. Finally, that moment of farewell appeared in the life of American blackjack, tennis player Serena Williams. After a long career of 27 years, Serena finally announced to hang up the tennis racket.

He was born to play tennis. Serena’s Grand Slam winning journey started in 1999 by winning the US Open, she played her last match in that Grand Slam. He has 23 Grand Slams (singles only) in his long career.

There is Olympic gold. The daughter of her father, who was once beaten by a black ball, raised the flag of the United States before the world. That Serena said goodbye to tennis.

The 40-year-old Serena faced Croatian tennis star Ajla Tomjalnovic in the second round of the US Open on Friday night at Flushing Meadows. Serena lost the match 7-5, 6(4)-7(7), 6-1 after a tough fight. Serena could not stand in the last set despite creating fierce competition in the first two sets.

Serena announced to hang up her racket after the match and the 23-time Grand Slam winner broke down in tears during her farewell speech.

He said before the start of the US Open, this is the end. The girl with white beads in her hair who won the US Open in 1999, was expected to retire in the first match. The stage was set. The funeral was arranged before the death.
Serena’s stubbornness to not give up poured water on the arrangement.

He won the first round of the US Open. But the farewell bell was ringing. Former world number one Billie Jean King said, ‘Serena will leave as the best player in the world. His career is an inspiration to many young players. He is the champion. The world has taken the game of tennis to another height.’

John McEnroe said, ‘Serena should do whatever she wants. He is an idol. I think he doesn’t need to play anymore. Now Serena has reached the place of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tom Brady. He has reached the all-time best place in the history of the game, regardless of whether it is male or female. Serena is in the best place of her life. If anyone has seen the movie ‘King Richard’ then one can understand where he came from. Serena can spend the rest of her life comfortably where she is now. Not bad, what do you say?’

Former British number one star Greg Rusedski believes that Serena has taken women’s tennis forward. He said, ‘He is the box office. Serena has led women’s tennis for the past two decades. His sister Venus was with him. There are definitely many better players. But Serena also attracted non-tennis fans. No one who knows anything about tennis knows the name of Serena Williams. The lack of Serena can be understood.’

Emma Radukanu won the US Open in 2021. He said, ‘Serena has changed the game. No one has influenced women’s tennis like her.’

Coco Gough, who lost in the final of the French Open, said, ‘I don’t think anyone can ever touch the feat that Serena left behind. His feat will inspire many.’

‘King Richard’ is a film about Serena and Venus’ father. At the end of that film, Serena’s father Richard tells the younger Serena, ‘Venus will be number one in the world; But you will be the best ever. I have everything planned.’ It can be said that Richard’s words have come true.


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