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Hiran Chattopadhyay caught Sukant Majumder from behind. Ashok Lahiri hugged him with his chest on his back. In this way, a long chain of MPs, MLAs and leaders has been created. Let’s say Dilip Ghosh is in the middle and Soumitra Khan is outside the chain. This time the MP of Bishnupur will have to put his hands on Dilip. The name of that chain is ‘snake’. And the one who is outside is ‘Neul’. If a newel touches a certain person inside the snake, he will become a newel. But everyone in the chain will want to save that particular person. The name of this game is ‘Snake-Neul’. It was one of the highlights of the three-day training camp held at Vedic Village to mend the ‘sape neule’ relationship between state BJP leaders.

Camps of political parties mean only serious discussions there. One after another the speaker continues to speak on various topics. But so that it does not become boring, there were sometimes games, sometimes songs, sometimes yoga. All activities in the camp from 29 to 31 August were tied to one theme. That theme is called ‘Unity’. For a long time, the BJP’s central leaders have noticed that the state party needs unity first. Learning to walk together. That is why the central leadership decided the theme of the training camp in Bengal.

At the end of the camp, a state BJP leader close to the Sangh said, “The camp is organized in imitation of the RSS. Even if everyone has a relationship with everyone, no one can stay close to anyone else at such a time. So all the games were arranged so that one could stick to one’s body. It is known that BJP leaders also played football in the camp. The aim was to teach them to pass each other instead of taking the ball to goal alone, something that has rarely been seen in the BJP lately. Everyone wants to play their own way. Before the panchayat elections in the state and then the Lok Sabha elections, the central BJP leadership chose the theme of teaming up for this state.

Learning to walk together lasted for three days. — own image.

Central leaders have also given that message. However, the first visit after getting the charge of the state was not too much of a bump in the statement of the observer Sunil. However, while explaining the experience of Uttar Pradesh, he repeatedly skirts the theme of ‘unity’. All India General Secretary (Organisation) BL Santosh spoke twice in total. One separates MPs and MLAs. The other is the end of camp speech. ‘Deekshant Bhashan’ in BJP parlance. According to BJP sources, Santosh has said the same thing in both the speeches that he wants unity. Organization is the name of all moving together. He also gave a message that if you don’t comply with that, what could be the danger. He pointed out various examples from the history of BJP and said that the punishment for breaking the party discipline can be severe. He gave several examples of how many top leaders in the past have received punishments such as expulsion due to indiscipline. At the end of the camp, an MP from the state said, “Santoshji did not mention anyone’s name. But they understood exactly who his displeasure was towards.

State leaders also spoke on various issues. For example, All India Vice President Dileep’s topic was how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for the poor. Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Shuvendu Adhikari spoke about the role of leaders in the current political situation in Bengal. And the state president Sukant said that the state is about the future plans of the BJP. However, many of the leaders who joined the camp claim that MLA Ashok of Balurghat has grabbed everyone’s attention. He received more questions than anyone else about the state’s current financial situation. He has given the answer to one question after another relentlessly. It has also been seen that veteran economist Ashok himself enjoyed the camp very much. In the middle of the day he needed to go out for a while on urgent business. But in the end, he chose to play football in the camp as more important.

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Four ministers of the state BJP are still geraniums, only Subhash in Padma Shibir, the remaining three in Gosaghar!

Four ministers of the state BJP are still geraniums, only Subhash in Padma Shibir, the remaining three in Gosaghar!

Sunil Bansal, the first new observer to join any program in the state.

Sunil Bansal, the first new observer to join any program in the state. — own image.

Not only that the game, the speech had a message of unity. It is learned that the accommodation was also arranged in such a way as to increase intimacy with each other. Beds are assigned to the leader with whom the leader needs to be close but not strained. An attempt has been made to build a good relationship between many ‘snakes’ and ‘newals’ by giving them the opportunity to wake up together, go to eat or hang out. There was an effort to make everyone’s voice one. Two songs were practiced in the camp. In Bengali ‘Sankocher ei bihbalta sivare apaman…’ and in Hindi, ‘organization pradesh chalo, supanth par bare chalo, bhala hai jisme deshka, oh kaam sab kiye chalo…’. On the last day, Santhosh and Bansal sang two songs together.

Central leaders have left for Delhi. State leaders, MLAs, MPs in their respective jobs. But will the mantra of unity found in the three-day training camp be in mind? State president Sukanta Anandabazar did not want to answer questions from online. Just said, “Everyone enjoyed it very much. Many wanted to have such a camp occasionally. The joy of being together is less these days.”

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