Marjorie Taylor Green asks Trump supporters not to protest his arrest

After Trump asked his supporters to take to the streets in protest, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green told them not to bother.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

It’s time!!! We are national in a demand, which we lead from a political principle to the Third World War who does not know that it is life, but experienced by tax, son-in-law and state policy, increased by birth and termination. We can no longer allow this. They are killing our nation while we sit and watch. We must save America! Protest, protest, protest!!!

Green responded on Twitter:

Trump wouldn’t like Marjorie Taylor Green people to not bother protesting for her because Republicans are going to win in 2024 anyway.

Sarah Jones discusses Trump’s possible impeachment on BBC World News:

There is a level of detachment from reality that borders on paranoia in Greene’s comments. He even used the term silent majority.

Of course, Trump had a silent majority that supported him in 2020 and he lost to President Biden by 11 million votes.

A recent poll found that 64% of voters believe Trump committed a crime.

Trump’s protests are unlikely to materialize, and if Marjorie Taylor Green thinks Trump’s impeachment will keep her in office in 2024, she’s in for a big surprise.

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