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Rohit Sharma | India vs Australia: India captain Rohit Sharma loses cool, vents ire at Dinesh Karthik dgtl

Misunderstanding of Decision Review System (DRS) between matches. That’s why Rohit hit wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Instead of relying on Karthik’s hints, he took up DRS himself and got success. The incident took place in the first T20 match against Australia on Tuesday.

Umesh Yadav was bowling in the 12th over of the match. His third ball was a wide yorker. Batter Steve Smith left the wicket and went towards the offside. The objective was to play on the legside. Realizing that you will not be successful, go to block the bat. It was deposited directly in Karthik’s hands. Despite the clear voice, Karthik was adamant about taking DRS. But Rohit was confident. Without waiting for Karthik’s cue, he took the DRS himself. After that he said something to Karthik. Karthik’s mouth went dry after hearing the captain’s words.

Karthik-Rohit trouble on the field.

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Rohit caressed Karthik’s cheek after the umpire changed the decision in DRS and gave him out. Both of them smiled. Three balls later, the same thing happened again. This time, Glenn Maxwell drove Umesh’s short ball offside. The ball landed in Karthik’s hand with a slight flick of the bat. This time too the umpire did not give out and Rohit did not wait for Karthik’s signal. He directly took DRS and got success.

Earlier in the match, Rohit was seen expressing anger towards Karthik about DRS. A ball from Yuzvendra Chahal at leg of Australia’s Cameron Greene. It was clear to the naked eye that there was a possibility of getting a wicket. But neither Chahal nor Karthik were in favor of taking DRS. Later replays showed that the ball was on the leg stump. Seeing that scene on the big screen in the field, Rohit lashed out at Karthik and Chahal.

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