ICC punished those two cricketers of Pakistan-Afghanistan

ICC punished those two cricketers of Pakistan-Afghanistan
ICC punished those two cricketers of Pakistan-Afghanistan

The ICC found fault with both bowler Farid Ahmed’s behavior after dismissing the batsman Asif Ali and Asif’s reaction to it. As a result, the ICC punished both Pakistan and Afghanistan cricketers Asif Ali and Farid Ahmed.

As a punishment, 25 percent of the match fee will be deducted from both the cricketers and at the same time 1 demerit point has been added to the code of conduct of both the players. However, no record of such behavior and no demerit points have been added to the names of these two in the last 24 months. ICC has given this information in a press release.

ICC match referee Andy Pycroft announced the penalty. As both the accused cricketers accepted the punishment, no further hearing was required.

The incident took place on Tuesday night in Sharjah, during the Pakistan-Afghanistan Super Four match. Asif Ali was dismissed by Farid Ahmed in the 19th over of the match. At this time the bowler Fareed misbehaved and pushed Asif Ali. Asif Ali also got angry with such behavior. He went to beat Farid with a bat.

The ICC says batting is a breach of Article 2.6 of the ICC Rules of Player Conduct. And Farid Ahmed’s behavior has been a violation of ICC Player Code of Conduct 2.1.12. Along with the punishment, two cricketers have also been warned.


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