The houses in Tumbru Headman neighborhood are empty

The houses in Tumbru Headman neighborhood are empty
The houses in Tumbru Headman neighborhood are empty

Fear and despondency are on the rise among residents of the Tumbru border. Hedman Para near the border has been shaking with the sound of gunfire since Tuesday morning. Going to the surface, it can be seen that the houses of Hedman neighborhood are empty. There is no one at home. The door of the room is closed.

Village headman Thainchapu Tangchonga said that they do not sleep at night, women, children and the elderly leave the neighborhood for safe places. So the door of the house is closed. Jum paddy and all the crops are getting ruined. Jomias are not able to go to work because of gula.

Noor Salam lives in Majerpara near the Zero Line on Tambru border. The number of family members is 14. Night and day, he does not sleep due to the loud noise of gunshots and gunfire in Myanmar. In the meantime, many family members left the house in fear and took shelter in other places at night. Not only Nur Salam, every family living in the barbed wire border area is now in the same situation. They do not want to spend sleepless nights in fear; Want to be safe.

A list of 300 families has already been prepared to avoid untoward incidents in the tense situation at the border. In addition to evacuating them in emergency, food and shelter centers will also be arranged, said Bandarban Naikshyongchari No. 3 Ghumdhum Union Parishad Chairman AKM Jahangir Aziz. Among the five unions of Naikshyongchari Upazila, the border of Rakhine State of Myanmar with Ghumdhum Union is about 15 km.

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