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The producer is keen to release ‘Pushpa 2’ in the theaters of Bangladesh

South Indian blockbuster film ‘Pushpa’, which was released last year, has gained popularity in different countries of the world beyond India. After its release on OTT, the film got a great response from the audience in Bangladesh.

The film production company Maitri Movie Makers is very excited about the popularity of the audience abroad. Along with that, they are thinking, apart from OTT, how to show the movie to the audience in more theaters abroad.

Reneta June

Chiranjeevi Cherry, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maitri Movie Makers recently appeared at the Moscow International Film Festival with ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. The film was screened in the commercial section of the festival. Received praise.

Chiranjeevi Cherry with local Russian journalist and Bangladeshi ‘adim’ producer Yuvraj and executive producer Nuruzzaman.

After the screening of ‘Pushpa’ at the festival, the producer spoke to Channel i Online via WhatsApp. Said about the reaction of ‘Pushpa’ in Moscow.

Chiranjeevi said that he had already come to know about the popularity of ‘Pushpa’ in Bangladesh from various media. He said, they have a plan so that the second episode of ‘Pushpa’ can be watched by the Bangladeshi audience along with the Indian audience.

Chiranjeevi Cheri with Allu Arjun and Rashmika in the promotions of ‘Pushpa’

The CEO of Maitri Movie Makers told Channel I Online, “We are thinking about how to release ‘Pushpa 2’ directly in theaters for the audience of Bangladesh. We have come to know through various media, the news of getting great audience in Bangladesh too. Many have suggested for Bengali dubbing. It is mainly because of such demand that we want to release ‘Pushpa 2’ on the big screen of Bangladesh. We are already thinking about the process for this. Let’s see what happens.

When is the shooting of ‘Pushpa 2’ starting? In this regard, the producer said that the shooting will start from the middle of September.

Maitri Movie Makers is one of the production houses in South India. They have several blockbuster films including Srimanthudu, Janata Garage and Dear Comrade. A film titled ‘Kushi’ starring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha is awaiting release.


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