British spy Shamima smuggled to Syria: BBC

British spy Shamima smuggled to Syria: BBC
British spy Shamima smuggled to Syria: BBC

Shamima’s family’s lawyer Tasnim Akhunji told the BBC that an application to challenge the validity of Shamima’s British citizenship will be heard in November and that they will make “at least one argument” that then Home Secretary Sajid Javid did not take into account that Shamima was a victim of human trafficking.

“The UK government has international obligations in terms of how we treat victims of human trafficking and the extent to which we hold them accountable for their actions,” he said.

Tasnim Akhunji said, “It is very painful to learn that a person working as an intelligence agent for Canada was an important part of this human trafficking operation.”

“Someone we should have as an ally, who will protect British citizens, not send them to war. But it appears that intelligence gathering is more important than children’s lives.”

Shamima is now in a detention camp in northeastern Syria. He was stripped of his British citizenship in 2019 after the fall of the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate.

When asked about Rashid’s involvement in Shamimad’s trafficking, a spokesperson for Canada’s national security intelligence agency CSIS told the BBC that he cannot publicly comment on the investigation, operational interests, procedures or activities of Canada’s immigration agency CSIS or confirm the veracity of any information.

A UK government spokesperson told the BBC the same. “We do not comment on intelligence operations or security matters, that is our longstanding policy.”

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