Fakhrul will not be allowed to hold a rally in Dhaka if he does not apologize: Jubo League

Fakhrul will not be allowed to hold a rally in Dhaka if he does not apologize: Jubo League
Fakhrul will not be allowed to hold a rally in Dhaka if he does not apologize: Jubo League

Awami Jubo League held a protest march and rally against ‘anti-national BNP-Jamaat terrorism and anarchy’.

The protest march and rally was held at the initiative of Dhaka Metropolitan North Jubo League at the Shyamoli Club ground of the capital on Thursday at 3 pm.

Dhaka Metropolitan North Jubo League Acting President Zakir Hossain Babul presided and Dhaka Metropolitan North Jubo League General Secretary Ismail Hossain moderated.

Jubo League general secretary. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil said, ‘The leaders and workers of Bangladesh Awami Jubo League have stood by the freedom-loving, patriotic people of Bengal as a sacred duty under the instructions of Bangabandhu’s honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh Awami Jubo League is united today with the aim of stopping all conspiracies and plots of BNP-Jamaat.

He said, ‘In this gathering today, we want to tell the youth of Bengal and the people of Bengal that BNP-Jamaat is a militant and terrorist organization. They are sponsors of militancy and terrorism. BNP-Jamaat turned the country into a militant state with various misdeeds, including Bangla Bhai, Abdur Rahman, who carried out serial bomb attacks across the country on August 17, and grenade attacks on August 21. Today, the BNP-Jamaat is plotting terrorist attacks to question Bangladesh once again in the world. Creating terror and anarchy is hindering the development of a prosperous and prosperous Sonar Bengal.’

Nikhil said, ‘The leaders of BNP-Jamaat have said that they will give as much blood as they need, they will bring down the government. I want to say from today’s gathering, there is no history of BNP-Jamaat bloodshed in the history of Bangladesh politics. They only have a history of anti-national conspiracies.’

Addressing BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Jubo League General Secretary said, ‘You were good during Pakistan period. Through these words, he has insulted the dignity of 30 lakh martyrs and 2 lakh mothers and sisters. I want to tell the Jubo League leaders and activists that Mirza Fakhrul will not be allowed to hold a rally anywhere in Dhaka city from today, until he apologizes to the people of the country.’

The presidium member of Jubo League said in the protest march and rally. Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Sajjad Haider Liton, Organizing Secretary Zahir Uddin Khosru, Publicity Secretary Joydev Nandi, Relief and Social Welfare Affairs Secretary Saddam Hossain Pavel, Deputy Environment Affairs Secretary Md. Shamchul Islam Patwari, co-editor Alamgir Hossain Shah Joy, Bablur Rahman Bablu, executive member Engineer Md. Muktar Hossain Chowdhury Kamal, Dr. Aurangzeb Aru along with the leaders of the central metropolis and various wards of the Juba League.

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