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Sylhet District-Metropolitan Youth Party Conference on Saturday

Sylhet District-Metropolitan Youth Party Conference on Saturday
Sylhet District-Metropolitan Youth Party Conference on Saturday

Sylhet: Sylhet district youth party conference and council is being held after 3 long years.

On Saturday (September 10), Sylhet District Youth Dal Council will be held at Nagar Registry Grounds and Metropolitan Youth Dal Council will be held at Central Muslim Literary Sangsad’s Shaheed Sulaiman Hall.

The chief guest at the conference is former minister Mirza Abbas, a member of the National Standing Committee of BNP, the central president of Jubo Dal, Sultan Salah Uddin Tuku, the main speaker is Abdul Monayem Munna, the central general secretary of Jubo Dal, and the special speaker is Mamun Hasan, the central senior vice president of Jubadal.

There is great enthusiasm among the leaders and activists around the conference. According to sources in the organization, the candidates are trying to entertain the councilors by electing the leadership through direct voting.

This time, the new leadership elected by direct vote will strengthen and organize the organization in Sylhet and will contribute more to the democracy restoration movement in the country, the party leaders and activists expressed hope.

However, many leaders and activists have moved abroad due to non-conference and prosecution for a long time. Many have left politics and joined various professions to earn a living.

According to party sources, the convening committee of the district youth party was formed in 2019. Although time passed, the full committee was not formed. Recently, as the anti-government movement has gained momentum, organizational activities have intensified somewhat. In this situation, there was a struggle to form a full-fledged committee. In between came the declarations of conferences and councils. After that, all calculations started to change. Six people are competing for the post of president and secretary of the district youth party in the conference.

The contenders for the post of president are- former district Chhatra Dal president Saeed Ahmad, former co-legal affairs secretary of Metropolitan BNP Advocate Mominul Islam Momin and former district Chhatra Dal vice-president Shahed Ahmad Chaman. Former Acting General Secretary of District Chhatra Dal Maqsud Ahmad, former Joint General Secretary of District Chhatra Dal Mizanur Rahman Nesar and former Vice President of District Chhatra Dal Liton Ahmad are contesting for the post of General Secretary.

After the announcement of the council, the candidates race started even though there were outrages over the convening committee. Like the general election, everyone is presenting their sacrifices in the struggle and future determination to the councils. As a result, the workers are now very excited. Everyone expects a leader who can take the team forward in the coming days.

Many of the former student leaders said that the council is being held after a long time. Many have withdrawn from party activities while waiting for the Juba Dal committee. Many have moved on to other professions. Besides, many people have left the country and are staying abroad due to the torture and attack cases of the government. However, they hope that qualified leadership will be created through the council.

Convener of the district youth party Siddiqur Rahman Paplu said that all the preparations for the conference have been completed. Besides Mirza Abbas, a member of the party’s standing committee, Sultan Salahuddin Tuku, president of the Central Juba Dal, will be the inaugural speaker. Acting chairman of the party Tariq Rahman will address the conference virtually. In the election, 587 councilors will elect the new leadership of the district youth party. Senior vice-president of the Central Youth Party, Mamun Haas, will serve as the chief election commissioner in the council.

According to party sources, no electronic devices including mobile phones can be taken in the polling booth in the council.

Several youth party leaders said that the leaders put various pressures on the councilors about voting. You have to show who you voted for by taking a picture. Councilors cannot vote for anyone outside of the leader’s wishes. Mobile phones or any other electronic devices are prohibited from entering the booth to prevent a repeat of this incident. So that councilors can vote for anyone they want.

It is known that former minister Mirza Abbas, a member of the National Standing Committee of BNP, will be the chief guest at the district conference. Youth party central president Sultan Salah Uddin Tuku will be the inaugural function. Central President Sultan Salah Uddin Tuku will also inaugurate the Mahanagar Youth Dal conference. BNP Joint Secretary General Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal will be the chief guest. Besides, other leaders of BNP and Juba Dal will also be there. Two separate sessions will conclude with a conference.

Center announced the convening committee of District and Metropolitan Youth Dal on November 1, 2019. Committees with 29 members are given in districts and 27 members in metros.

Bangladesh Time: 0827 hours, September 10, 2022

The article is in Bengali

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