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Eden is sick while on hunger strike demanding marriage

Eden is sick while on hunger strike demanding marriage
Eden is sick while on hunger strike demanding marriage

Rajshahi: A student of Eden College fell ill while going on hunger strike from Dhaka to Rajshahi’s Tanor demanding marriage.

After 3 days of hunger strike, the police rescued the student and admitted her to the upazila health center on Saturday (September 3) afternoon.

The student is claiming that she has not eaten for 13 consecutive days.

The student said that she has just completed her honors from Eden College in Dhaka. In 2018, she met Jewel Rana, son of Rezaul Islam, of Chanduria village in Tanor upazila of Rajshahi in Dhaka. After that they started loving each other. They have been in a relationship since last four years. They live in the same area in Rampura, Dhaka. There is also a deep association with them.

He regularly commutes to Jewel’s house in Dhaka. The janitor of Jewel’s house in Rampura, Dhaka knows – this student is his wife. So no one said anything about their association.

In the last 15 days, Jewel married a school teacher’s daughter in Rajshahi’s Naodapara area without informing his lover.

He got to know the news of Jewel’s marriage through a friend. Then this college girl asks her boyfriend Jewel about marriage. But Jewel refused to marry. Later, this student was forced to go to Jewel’s home in Tanor in Rajshahi last Sunday. The police received a call to 999 from there and rescued him and admitted him to the Upazila Health Center.

The student said that her house is in Jhalkathi of Barisal division. After completing his honors in Dhaka Eden, he is working in Arang Gulshan branch. Jewel, son of Tanor from Rajshahi, works in a pharmaceutical company in Dhaka. He is currently very helpless because Jewel has not kept up with him. Jewel is not trying to understand his state of mind. He is not cooperating. Everyone is slandering him. The family also said they would not accept him. He cannot think what to do in such a difficult situation at the moment. If Jewel doesn’t marry her, if she doesn’t recognize him – she threatens to file a lawsuit. However, after this incident, Jewel is hiding.

Meanwhile, when asked about the girl, Tanor Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kamruzzaman Mia told Banglanews that after receiving a call on 999, the shelf was recovered through local UP members and the boy’s family. As the student was sick, she was admitted to the Upazila Health Complex. Now she is a grown woman. He is 23 years old. And the incident happened in the capital Dhaka.

However, he came to Tanore to fast and fell ill. So for now he has been admitted to the upazila health center. He has not filed any complaint yet. The police officer of Tanor police station also said that legal action will be taken accordingly.

Bangladesh Time: 2050 hours, September 03, 2022

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