How Shanta became the AD of Bangladesh Bank

Priya Das Shanta’s father is Arun Kanti Das and mother is Supta Das Anna. Shanta passed SSC from Dohazari Jamizuri Ahmadur Rahman High School in 2007 and HSC from Kapasgola City Corporation Women’s College in 2009. After that, she obtained honors in English from Chittagong Government Women’s College and master’s degree from Chittagong College. Apart from this, he has done MBA from IBA of Dhaka University.

Currently he is working as ‘Assistant Director’ of Bangladesh Bank. Recently spoke to Jago News about getting a job in a bank, tips for newbies and future dreams. Interviewed Anisul Islam Naeem

Jago News: Bangladesh Bank got a job as ‘Assistant Director’, how do you feel?
Priya Dash Shanta: Of course I like it very much. This feeling cannot be expressed in words. Getting an opportunity to play a role in the policy making of the country’s economy is definitely a dream for many job aspirants in Bangladesh. I am very happy that my dream has come true. I feel lucky to be one of the 188 people.

Jago News: How were your childhood days?
Priya Dash Shanta: I spent my childhood in Chandanish Upazila of Chittagong. Those days were beautiful and colorful. The day started by going to Sir to read in the early morning. After that, school all day, going to play in the afternoon, sitting with mother to read in the evening – this is how those days passed. My parents never let me feel fear or pressure about studies. May I study with pleasure; Always confirmed that. I used to learn music and dance since childhood. But I was more inclined towards dancing than singing. So dance classes, dance practice occupies a special place in childhood days. Besides, I used to perform in various festivals including Independence Day, Victory Day, Pahela Boishakh. Apart from this, many books have been read due to association with Vishwa Sahitya Kendra, which is the best memory of my childhood.

Jago News: Was there any obstacle in education?
Priya Dash Shanta: The family has always been very supportive of the three siblings. So in that sense I never faced obstacles. After doing Masters I got married; Then the pace of study slows down a bit. But I overcame it with the help of my husband. I continued my studies with the support and encouragement of my family as well as my husband. MBA degree from IBA. Continue job studies. Since I did Honors and Masters from National, many people discouraged me from doing IBA and job preparation. Many people said that it is not possible to succeed in these places from National. Sometimes those comments really upset me a bit. But the cooperation, good wishes and encouragement of well-wishers gave me motivation.

Jago News: When did you dream of working in Bangladesh Bank?
Priya Dash Shanta: The interest started from the time of studying honors. I keep looking for information. Later, this interest and dream became so strong that even though I got a job opportunity in a state-owned bank several times, I did not accept it, but I was preparing for Bangladesh Bank.

Jago News: I want to hear the story of getting a job in Bangladesh Bank, how did you prepare?
Priya Dash Shanta: I started preparing a year before graduation. I have heard many negative comments about studying from National. So initially it seemed difficult and impossible, but after seeing some seniors, with the inspiration and guidance of my husband, I started to fulfill my dream. I got admitted to Ins and Outs of Chittagong to master the huge syllabus of the recruitment exam. Apart from taking classes there, I used to study in groups with my friends. Which helps me a lot to move forward. After coming to Dhaka to study in IBA, even if I could not do group study, I continued to study on my own initiative along with MBA. I continued to practice especially English and Mathematics. Let me say one thing in this case, it is not important who is a student of which university in the job examination. Here any student can make their dreams come true by taking proper preparation and passing exams well.

Jago News: Who inspired from behind the scenes?
Priya Dash Shanta: There are many in this list. Family was a direct inspiration. Husband’s cooperation added a new dimension. Classmates were always positive. Teachers have to talk about direct support. Various people have provided inspiration in different ways along the way of life. I get inspired by seeing successful people from afar.

Jago News: Can social media play a role in getting a job in a bank?
Priya Dash Shanta: yes I was always updated about exams by joining job related groups and pages on social media. In these groups, study information, notes and materials related to bank recruitment examination were shared. Which helped me to prepare thoroughly. Many people used to share preparation and experience. I also got an idea about Vaiba by reading that. Job preparation can be facilitated through positive use of social media.

Jago News: What advice would you give to newbies about bank preli?
Priya Dash Shanta: 5 subjects are tested in bank prelim exam. This is a selection test. Those who will give new preli, they can get idea from past questions. Apart from that, regular examination will remove the fear. It is better to prepare subject wise rather than random preparation. If you don’t pass the Preli, you have to prepare again without losing morale.

Jago News: What is your advice on written preparation?
Priya Dash Shanta: In the written test, the possession of Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge is checked within a period of two hours. But in this case English is more dominant. Writing preparation cannot be developed overnight. So it is better to take time to prepare written along with preli. Translation, Summary, Passage etc. practice with time will give good results. Apart from that, if you want to do well in focus writing and general knowledge, there is no alternative to having the habit of reading newspapers regularly.

Jago News: What do you need to know about bank vibes?
Priya Dash Shanta: Viba is the last stage of job examination. In this case the candidate’s presentation, subject matter, job related and knowledge of current affairs are checked. Candidate must wear neat and elegant clothes. If you do not know the answer to a question, it is better to say it politely with a smile rather than being silent. Before going to Vaiba you must have a clear understanding of your reading, Bank, History of Bangladesh, Current Economy, Current Affairs and your district. One has to create a positive atmosphere in Viba with elegant behavior and speech with conviction and confidence.

Jago News: What are your future plans as a central banker?
Priya Dash Shanta: Being a part of a regulatory body like Bangladesh Bank is working like a charm. A sense of responsibility has also been created. To be able to fulfill the assigned responsibility with devotion, that is the demand now. Besides, the future goal is to take responsibility in the policy-making of the country’s economy by increasing one’s skills by taking higher education.


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