Chand Raat of hero-heroine, director’s test

‘Operation Sundarban’, a film based on RAB’s daring raid in Sundarbans, will be released in 35 theaters in the country. On this night before the release of the film, its hero-heroine and director were seen putting up posters on the streets. At that time the hero of the film Siam Ahmed, Roshan and Nusrat Faria said today is their moon night. And the director said that tonight feels like before the exam.

The Operation Sundarban team started putting up posters in the Dhaka University area around 11 pm on Thursday. From there, Siam, Roshan, Faria and Dipankar Deepan came to Moghbazar to put up posters via Shahbagh. At that time Siam’s wife Avanti was also with him.

At that time, cinema Siam Ahmed said, ‘I feel the same joy before the release of each new film as I do today. Waking up at night to put up the Por Poster is a different pleasure. That joy is like a moonlit night.’

Nusrat Faria said in tune with Siam’s words, ‘Today I feel as happy as the moonlit night. Everyone is putting up posters together. I hope everyone will come and watch the movie.’

Roshan said about putting up posters at night, we are putting up posters of our film in the biggest school of the country. This is why we are putting it so that we can connect everyone with our picture. This movie is releasing after a long wait of four years. It seems to me that the night before Eid means the joy of the moonlit night. It seems that Eid is only in the morning. And I will run and share the joy with everyone.

Dipankar Deepan, the producer of the movie, said that waking up at night for movies is nothing new. I have scripted, produced, edited the film at night. Only tonight is left. I feel the same now as I did the day before the exam.

The big screen film is produced by RAB Forces Welfare Trust. The film has been produced under the supervision of Legal Media under the inspiration of former RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed. Producer Dipan has already said that various battalions of RAB have provided assistance in the production of the film. It is reported that the profits of the movie will be spent on the welfare of the coastal areas including victim assistance, rehabilitation of ex-pirates.

Riaz, Siam Ahmed, Nusrat Faria, Roshan, Taskin Rahman, Rawonk Hasan, Shatabdi Wadud, Manoj Pramanik, Samina Bashar, Dipu Imam, Ehsanur Rahman and many others are acting in different roles in this movie.

The article is in Bengali

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