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Sonam Kapoor Baby: Sonam-Anand posts first picture with son Vayu…

Sonam Kapoor Baby, G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Sonam Kapoor recently became a mother. But a month passed by. Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja are celebrating their son’s one month in full swing. The actress posted a picture with her son for the first time on Instagram, Anand is also with her. The entire Kapoor family is celebrating their son’s first month. The heroine has named her son Vayu Kapoor Ahuja. For the first time, his parents posted pictures with Bayu. Why is the son named Bayu? Sonam also said in the post.

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Sonam and Anand Ahuja wrote on social media, ‘In the spirit of the power that brings new meaning to our lives… In the spirit of Hanuman and Bhima who are the personification of infinite courage and strength… Holy, life-giving and eternal that is ours, we are for our son Vayu Kapoor Ahuja. I want a blessing.’ The couple explained their thinking behind the name. Sonam writes, ‘Vayu is one of the five principles in Hindu scriptures. He is the god of wind, the spiritual father of Hanuman, Bhima and Madhava and is the powerful god of wind. Prana is air, a guiding force of life and intelligence in the universe. Prana, Indra, Shiva and Kali are all gods associated with Vayu. As easily as He can destroy evil, He can establish life in living beings. Vayu is said to be heroic, brave and enchantingly beautiful. Thank you for your wishes and blessings for Vayu and his family.’

This is the first time Sonam Kapoor posted a picture with her son. All the three are wearing yellow color clothes in the picture. Sonam was seen in public for the first time after becoming a mother. The actress is dressed in old clothes. Father Anil Kapoor gave a lot of love emojis to his daughter’s post. Also congratulating Sonam and Anand were Shivani Dandekar Akhtar, Malaika Arora, Disha Patani and many more.

Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor tied the knot in 2018. The actress gave birth to her first child on 20 August 2022. Kapoor and Ahuja family celebrated their son’s first month birthday by cutting a cake. The cake is made on Boss Baby theme. The actress herself posted the picture of the cake on social media.

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