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What ‘big danger’ will come in the covid-phase?

What ‘big danger’ will come in the covid-phase?
What ‘big danger’ will come in the covid-phase?

For a long time, I have been working on the immunology of the corona virus and its associated diseases (Covid-19). As a scientist I am well aware that the UK is facing more covid paranoia (uncertainty about when exactly the covid epidemic will end and what the specific treatment or drug regimen is) as we look ahead to the coming autumn and on the eve of a full return to education. Every country, area is affected by the same confusion. There are many questions in everyone’s mind – what is going to happen in the coming days? Is something new going to happen? Is covid over? Or will it become a ‘big danger’ again? And if it comes back again, where is the end of the corona epidemic? When will get rid of it? Needless to say, we are constantly talking about Covid. working I keep writing. I keep saying in a tired voice. But one question has to be heard over and over again—when will the anxiety-anxiety end, or will we have to wait for a longer time?

If we want to discuss the current covid situation, we have to say at the beginning that we have been suffering from covid for a long time. Every person in the world becomes a grind while fighting against this virus in miniature. Images of misery are still visible everywhere. In my opinion, there is some good news in all this old bad news. The relief today on the Covid question is that ‘the situation is now very much in transition’. In particular, we have made great progress in the field of ‘long covid’ (the physical and mental complications after recovery from the corona virus called ‘long covid syndrome’). After monitoring and researching the situation for the last few months, the ‘Office for National Statistics Data’ has presented a figure, which shows that the number of patients with long covid has started to decrease. In May, the number of patients infected with Long Covid was 20 lakh. From there it gradually started to decrease and now it has reached 18 lakhs. I think this means that many people are slowly recovering. Incidentally, after recovering from the corona virus, many people get infected again. He suffered from various physical and mental complications due to the new infection. Many experience palpitations, fatigue, weakness, coughing, or shortness of breath. It can be said that the situation has become quite dynamic in many cases. Some even become so weak that they cannot even walk. According to experts, these are long-term reactions to the corona virus infection. Re-infection is not a good sign at all.

It should be noted that even with Omicron (a new type of corona virus) infection, it has been clearly seen that many patients recover from long covid. That is, a significant number of patients have recovered from long covid despite the increase in the prevalence of Omicron. It must be admitted that the appearance of Omicron is extremely frightening to the affected or healthy people. Every person is in extreme anxiety. But the relief is that the situation has improved. New cases of Long Covid (infected patients) have decreased. I have learned from my colleagues in Singapore that people have recovered from long covid despite the spread of omicron infections after the initial shock of the covid pandemic. Long covid could not spread much outbreak in the country. There are no patients in the clinic-hospital beds. Although there are some places, its amount is very less. Hospitals and clinics that were once buzzing with Covid patients have calmed down a lot.

It’s great news that we’ve made great strides in dealing with long-term covid, making it increasingly clear that we can tackle covid (although the danger is not over yet!). In particular, Long Covid has been stopped. In fact, by more precisely identifying, analyzing and developing long-term Covid-19 treatments, we are much closer—the data suggests. Needless to say, extensive research has been done and is being done all over the world. In carrying out all these researches, different groups were created by combining the cases of patients with ‘quick recovery’ and the cases of patients suffering from long covid, and the type and symptoms of the affected. Cases of those who recovered quickly or completely from Covid are analyzed and compared. Differences in antibodies, hormones, immune cells and other levels are looked for, making it easier to compare the similarities and differences between a patient with chronic disease and a normal patient. Things like blood tests are included in the case studies. ‘Things like biomarkers (a biological molecule found in blood, other body fluids or tissues that is indicative of a normal or abnormal process or a condition or disease) could become game-changers in the future.

Learned from various colleagues, they worked on a study like biomarker last month. Although the biomarker they worked on is not a complete diagnostic test for chronic Covid, the research report will give a clear idea of ​​what exactly works behind its symptoms. As a result, our knowledge can expand. At the same time, a guideline will be available for the treatment of long covid.

Despite this glimmer of good news, it bears repeating that the long Covid continues to be a source of unintended disappointment. In particular, the ‘first wave (when the corona virus was detected for the first time)’ lasted for almost three years but was not fully recovered from it.

Long-term covid remains a very real risk. But the important thing is, the best way to avoid it is to avoid getting infected (or re-infected). A booster dose course after vaccination is underway in various countries. In this context, most people’s antibody levels have reached baseline (declined). Many are still unvaccinated. It is also true that many people are infected again even after taking the vaccine three times. Thus the picture of widespread infection or relapse suggests hopelessness in getting rid of the disease.

Another point worth mentioning is that the question of quality or efficacy of vaccines or boosters is often raised. We must get out of all these complications. Public trust can never be violated. People need to be made aware that vaccinations or booster doses should never be skipped. This will make the environment unsafe. Everyone will be at risk.

That being the case, there is no reason to have any illusions about an effective, complete booster program. In fact we should remember that those who follow the rules properly should continue to do so. More conscious initiatives need to be taken to protect clinically highly vulnerable individuals. Everyone should be careful. Along with social distancing, masks must be worn. Above all, try to stay healthy.

Author: Professor of Immunology at Imperial College London and Trustee of the Medical Research Foundation and ‘Long Covid Support’,
Translated from The Guardian by Sumrit Khan Sujan

The article is in Bengali

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