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Janhvi Kapoor stormed the social media in a new film

Janhvi Kapoor stormed the social media in a new film
Janhvi Kapoor stormed the social media in a new film

Entertainment Desk: The name Janhvi Kapoor is not unknown to the present generation. She is known as Sridevi’s daughter since childhood. It goes without saying that Janhvi Kapoor and her sister Khushi Kapoor grew up as celeb kids in the family of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi.

Currently, Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most popular young actresses in the Bollywood industry. He is often discussed in Btown. He can be seen practicing for some reason. The actress caught the paparazzi on camera. Sridevi’s daughter has been practicing recently based on her recent photo shoot.

As a current actress, Janhvi Kapoor is quite active on her social media page. He often shares his bold pictures and videos on the internet. The number of his fans is not less. It goes without saying that the actress appears in very bold clothes on camera as well as in reality. A glance at Janhvi Kapoor’s social media account will give you a glimpse of that. Her fans have also created multiple fan pages in her name on social media, from where multiple pictures or videos of the actress are often shared.

But recently Janhvi Kapoor participated in a bold photo shoot. She was seen wearing a white sleeveless crop top and blue hot pants. Janhvi Kapoor took pictures in multiple poses in this dress. During the photo shoot, the actress was seen sometimes sitting and sometimes standing.

In this dress, she is seen with open hair and nude makeup. He also showed off his bold toned body. For now, he is famous among his fans for his bold photo shoot. In this way, the actress once again rode the mercury on the social media page. His innumerable fans are also impressed, it will be clear just by keeping an eye on the comment box.

This method will produce a bumper crop in a very short period of time

A few days ago, ‘Goodluck Jerry’ starring Janhvi Kapoor was released on the web platform. His performance was once again appreciated by the audience. The actress has to go through a long process to portray her character in the film, she mentioned that in several interviews. This movie can be seen only if you have a subscription to Disney Plus Hotstar HD.

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