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One who was the queen Prothom-alo

One who was the queen Prothom-alo
One who was the queen Prothom-alo

World leaders have already mourned the death of the queen. His death is now the main news in the press of all countries. The news of the Queen’s death caused a global outpouring of grief as she was well known around the world. According to BBC news, although the Queen’s body is in Scotland’s Balmoral Palace, many tearful Londoners are gathering in front of Buckingham Palace. There, on a small notice on the gate, two royal servants dressed in black hung the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Grieving citizens put wreaths in front of him. It was raining then. The commentators were saying that nature is also shedding tears for the death of the queen.

The stream of rain and people’s tears were mixing into one. At that time, it was seen that a rainbow of seven colors was gradually becoming clear over Buckingham Palace. The camera panned from the grieving people to the rainbow. The colorful life of the queen is reflected in the colors of nature.

It was hoped that Queen Elizabeth II would become a centenarian. He came very close and moved away from the crease of life. Cricket is the game of his country. Just as it is difficult to reach three figures on the cricket field, it is even more so in personal life. No matter the century, Queen Elizabeth II will live on in people’s memory for centuries.

At least none of the three generations under her (the current King Charles, his son Prince William and later his son George) are likely to become queen. Rani is now history. Time will pass for centuries. The smiling face of the queen from history will come up in the minds of the people of the future like a fairy tale queen. Fairy tales are not history, but there are many elements of history in fairy tales, from which legends are created. There is no queen, the queen has become a legend.

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