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US arms sales to Taiwan: China warns

US arms sales to Taiwan: China warns
US arms sales to Taiwan: China warns

The US is going to sell arms to Taiwan. The Biden administration has already approved it. It is known that the United States will sell arms worth 110 million dollars to Taiwan. Beijing did not take such a decision of the country well. In this incident, China has warned and announced countermeasures. This information was reported in a CNN report on Saturday (September 3).

Opposing arms sales to Taiwan, China has said that the incident will affect the relationship between the two countries. Moreover, peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait will be undermined. China has called on Washington to immediately withdraw from the measures.

Among the new arms sales announced by the United States to Taiwan is a $66.5 million radar warning system. Through this, incoming missiles can be identified. In addition, there are 60 Harpoon missiles worth 35 million 50 million dollars, which are capable of sinking any ship.

However, the sale of these weapons to Taiwan still requires the approval of the US Congress. However, both parties in Congress have always supported the Taiwan issue. Therefore, it is assumed that the Congress will soon approve the new sale of these weapons to Taiwan.


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