Na Maira gave hand bhainga

Na Maira gave hand bhainga
Na Maira gave hand bhainga

The death of youth party activist Shahidul Islam Shaon (26) in Muktarpur area of ​​Munshiganj Sadar Upazila in a clash between BNP and the police has cast a shadow of grief on the family. The air became heavy with the cries of relatives.
“No, Myra would break her hand and break her leg.” Instead of doing that, they shot my fresh natidar. How did the grandson die? I think it’s hard as hell.’ Halima Bibi, 64, the grandmother of Shahidul Islam Shawon (27), a youth party worker of Munshiganj, was crying for her grandson who was killed in this way. He is saddened by the loss of his beloved grandson.
Halima Bibi said, ‘Where should I go, I can’t get to my natidar. Shaonre is no longer Pamu father.’ Helplessness emerges in the voice of the 60-year-old woman on the question whether she wants justice or not. Said, ‘What will happen to them? I don’t get justice. If I believe, then I will judge. What should I judge, Shawner can’t give a law.’ Such a scene was seen when I went to the village house of the deceased in Murma area of ​​Munshiganj Mirkadim municipality yesterday afternoon.
Shaon was shot dead during a clash between BNP leaders and activists in Muktarpur, Munshiganj on Wednesday afternoon. He was brought to Dhaka that night in critical condition. He was then admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Dhaka Medical College (Dhamek) Hospital. Shaun died there last Thursday at 8:48 pm.
Family members said that before leaving the house, Shaon ate rice from his mother. A short while later, the family received news that Shawn had been shot.
Shaon’s mother Lipi Begum is repeating those words again and again. He said, ‘Polada asked me for rice. I gave it quickly, and he ate it. That which went, did not come again. After a while my Shaun was shot. The news came yesterday (Thursday) night, Polada is no more. Why did they beat my polladar like that?’ Such a question of mother. Lipi Begum also said, ‘Shaon was driving the autorickshaw. Bring daily, eat daily. Who will see us now?’
Shaon’s wife Sadia is speechless after losing her husband. He is becoming unconscious again and again. Sadia said in a tearful voice, ‘My son is eight months old. What will happen to him now? I want justice for those who killed my husband.’
Shawon is the son of Chhowab Ali Bhuiya of Murma village in Mirkadim municipality of Sadar upazila. Sawan is the eldest among four brothers and one sister. This young man was the only earner in the family.
The deceased Shawn was known as a humble person in the area. Neighbors and local residents said they had never heard of him misbehaving with anyone. Known as a polite and good boy in the area. With what he used to earn, he used to live a kind of life with his parents and family.
The Ferighat area of ​​Muktarpur turned into a battleground due to repeated clashes between the police and BNP activists around the BNP protest in Munshiganj on Wednesday afternoon. The clash lasted for an hour from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
35 policemen including ASP of police, OC of Sadar police station were injured in the clash. Apart from this, hundreds of BNP activists were injured. Three journalists were also injured while gathering news in this incident.
Youth Dal worker Shaon and another person named Jahangir were shifted to Dhaka with serious injuries in the clash. Shawn died while undergoing treatment on Thursday night.
On the other hand, the police and a leader of the Labor League have filed two cases as defendants in this incident. In two cases, 1,365 people have been accused by mentioning the names of 365 people. After the incident, the police arrested at least 25 leaders and activists of BNP.

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