Japan is opening its doors to foreign tourists 1186385 | The voice of time

Japan is opening its doors to foreign tourists 1186385 | The voice of time
Japan is opening its doors to foreign tourists 1186385 | The voice of time

Japan is finally opening its doors to foreign tourists. Tourists were banned from entering Japan for more than two years due to the Covid pandemic. From October 11, tourists will be able to travel to the country without a visa, without the help of a travel agency. Apart from this, the limit on the number of tourists entering each day will also be lifted.


BBC news.

Japan made the announcement shortly after Taiwan and Hong Kong eased restrictions on tourist entry into their country. Taiwan has announced it will drop quarantine requirements for international arrivals by mid-October. On the other hand, the Hong Kong authorities said on Friday that from September 26, instead of hotel quarantine, home quarantine should be observed.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, ‘Japan will relax the border control system to be on par with the United States. ‘

The country allowed visitors to enter from June, but they had to be part of a tour.

Kishida also announced an incentive scheme for travel to Japan. Travel through which offers discounts at theme parks, sporting events and concerts. In addition, Japanese citizens and residents will receive a subsidy of 11,000 yen.

Other countries have been seen adopting similar measures to spur spending and revive the economy. However, the rising cost of living is a concern for the locals.

The world’s third-largest economy is the latest Asian powerhouse to close its borders over Covid health concerns. Among the world’s richest countries, Japan has the lowest death rate from Covid-19 and the highest vaccination rate.

About 320 million international tourists visited Japan in 2019, the year before the pandemic. But restrictions imposed in recent months have deterred many foreigners from traveling to Japan.

Source: BBC.

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