Assistant Proctor’s misbehavior with agitating students

Assistant Proctor’s misbehavior with agitating students
Assistant Proctor’s misbehavior with agitating students

Dhaka University (DU) Assistant Proctor Dr. A video of Muhammad Mahbubul Rahman’s misbehavior and threat of arrest has spread on social media.

The agitating students have given mixed reactions to the ill-treatment of the students who went to see Hasnat on hunger strike on Wednesday.

It can be seen in the video, the proctor tried to move the protesting students away. At this time, he raised his finger and said to the students, ‘There is a limit to tolerance’, ‘Who are you?’ ‘What is VC, say VC sir’, ‘VC cannot be called sir’ etc. Also repeatedly pushed a member of the proctorial team to detain the students.

Dr. Mahbubul Rahman said, ‘They are like my children. Hasnat’s claims are certainly logical. Now if someone wants to do politics with him then it becomes a bad thing. This is not a political issue. A boy is dying and they are playing politics over it. We are trying to save him. When a son dies only his family will understand the loss.’

The victim of misbehavior said, ‘My crime was why I didn’t say ‘sir’ after all the words. I used the words ‘VC’, ‘Proctor’, ‘Register’. That’s why he did this to me.’

Proctor Professor Dr. AKM Golam Rabbani said, ‘He is actually a bit more emotional. I told him, you can’t talk like that.’

It is to be noted that on August 30, a student named Hasnat Abdullah took a position in front of the administrative building with eight points to resolve the administrative complications of various departments of the university. At that time he gave the VC a 10-day ultimatum to fulfill the memorandum and demands. As the demands were not met, he started the sit-in program again from last September 18. After that yesterday he started hunger strike without getting assurance from VC. His fast has already passed 25 hours.

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