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Market Price Today: The price of rice fish is increasing along with chicken, the pocket of common people – kolkata market price on 21 September 2022 check vegetable fish chicken rate here

Today Market Price: Our expenses are increasing by leaps and bounds every day. From vegetables to fish market, the cost of chicken is increasing. As a result, common people have to count pramad practically. For now, we have to market at higher prices. According to those who shop regularly, their spending has increased by 20 to 30 percent in the last 6 months.

The vegetable market was relatively cheap last month. But since the end of August, one by one vegetables are becoming expensive. The price of potatoes was already high. The prices of vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants have also increased gradually. Besides, the price of fish has also increased. The price of roe fish in particular has suddenly increased. On the other hand, chicken has also become expensive.

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Now let’s take a look at today’s market price update –

Jyoti Potato – Rs 28 to Rs 30 per kg
Chandramukhi Aloo – Tk 38 to Tk 40 per kg
Tomato price per kg – 80 to 90 rupees.
Cauliflower is priced at Rs 20 to 30 per piece
Cabbage prices range from Rs 45 to Rs 50 per kg
The price of papaya is Rs.20 per kg
Tomato – 80 rupees per kg
Onion – 40 rupees per kg
Kundri – Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg
Three hundred – 50 rupees per kg
Eggplant – 60 rupees per kg

Let’s look at the fish market –

Roe fish – Rs 220 to Rs 250 per kg
Katla Fish – Starting from Tk 350 per kg
Vetki – Tk 700 per kg
Bhola – Rs 270 per kg
Lotte – 100 rupees per kg
Hilsa – 1500 taka per kg. (large size)

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Now let’s know the meat price update

Chicken – Rs 225 per kg
Whole chicken – Tk 150 per kg
Mutton – Rs 700 to Rs 750 per kg

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