Mitu’s murder is turning in which direction?

Mitu’s murder is turning in which direction?
Mitu’s murder is turning in which direction?

The murder of Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, the wife of dismissed Superintendent of Police (SP) Babul Akhtar, has been showing many surprises from time to time. The murder has taken several turns in six years of investigation. As time goes on, the murders become more mysterious.

Last Thursday, a case was filed on behalf of Babul Akhter, who was imprisoned, against six police officers including the head of the investigation agency Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI). The application of the case was made in the court of Chittagong Metropolitan Sessions Judge Jebunnesa Begum, alleging ‘remand torture and forced deposition’.

After that, a new discussion started. It is said in that application that Babul was tortured to make him confess by using the names of two former police officers.

Public Prosecutor (PP) of the concerned court. Fakhruddin Chowdhury told Dhaka Times that the court has fixed the date of order on September 19.

The news of the murder of Babul Akhtar’s wife Mitu while he was SP made the police officers think about the safety of the family. The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) gave new information at one stage of the investigation. Babul Akhtar was arrested. It is said that Babul Akhtar himself is the murderer of his wife. People are surprised. Babul lost his job. He is currently imprisoned in Feni prison.

On June 5, 2016, Mitu was publicly hacked and shot dead at the GEC intersection of Chittagong city on her way to drop off her son in the school bus. In this incident, Babul Akhtar filed a case against the unknown accused as the plaintiff in Panchlaish police station of the city. After that, the investigation began to come out one after another mystery. Now Babul Akhter himself is accused.

Description of remand for 53 hours in the application of the case

A copy of the case filed by lawyer Golam Mawla in the Chittagong court on behalf of Babul Akhtar has been received by Dhaka Times. Babul Akhtar applied to the court to accept the complaint against the police officers under section 15(1) and 5(2) of the Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention) Act 2013.

Golam Mawla told Dhaka Times that Babul Akhtar could not sign the case petition due to his imprisonment. Lawyer Gholam Mawla filed the application in court on his behalf. Babul has also been requested to appear before the court to sign the case application and take a statement under section 200.

According to the application, PBI inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma, the investigating officer of Babul’s case regarding Mitu’s murder, called Babul on WhatsApp and asked him to come to the PBI office informing him of the instructions of PBI-Chief Banaj Kumar Majumder. Babul reached Chittagong on May 10 last year and went to Santosh’s room at the PBI office. There, a draft charge sheet was shown accusing seven persons. Later he was taken to PBI SP Naeema Sultana’s cell. There were 10-15 officers including SP Nazmul Hasan. Nazmul Hasan said to Babul Akhtar, ‘You have to go to my office. Banaj Sir’s instructions.’

The petition further alleged that Babul Akhtar was detained in the PBI office for 53 hours and subjected to mental torture in the name of remand. He was tied to a chair. Eyes were opened during meals. He was not allowed to sleep. Babul was kicked behind the chair when he was drowsy. The head was hit from the right and left sides. When thirsty, water was given through the mouth of the bottle. At one stage, Babul, who was being tortured, fell off the chair and was given a chair with sleeves. Both hands were handcuffed to the arms of the chair. In addition to mistreatment, there was intimidation. And it was said to confess to the murder of Mitu and give a statement in court according to the police schedule.

In the 21-page petition, Santosh Kumar Chakma forced Babul to write various words taught by police officers Nazmul Hasan and Naima Sultana in Bengali and English on white paper and pages of various books. Six police officers threatened Babul Akhtar in various ways to give a statement under Section 164. Various temptations are also shown to extract confession.

Babul Akhter’s application alleged that PBI chief Banaj Kumar Majumder was monitoring how Babul was being tortured through CCTV cameras.

It is further alleged that what Babul would say during the deposition was written on a piece of paper and read out to him. Santosh Kumar Chakma and AKM Mohiuddin signed some papers in Bengali and English. They tried to take Babul’s statement by recording it on camera on the instructions of Banaj Kumar Majumdar. He was asked to give a statement under Section 164 involving the names of two former senior officers.

After the remand, when Babul was brought to court on May 17, he refused to give a confessional statement. In the petition, he demanded investigation of the complaint by an agency other than the agency under police control.

What Mitu’s father says

Mitu’s father former police inspector Mosharraf Hossain said while talking to Dhaka Times, “I never said that Babul Akhtar was not involved or involved in Mitu’s murder.” I have always said that whoever is involved in Mitu’s murder should be punished.

Babul Akhtar first filed a case in the case of Mitu’s murder, accusing unknown persons. After a long investigation, the involvement of Babul Akhtar came out. Then Mitu’s father filed a case against Babul Akhtar.

What is PBI saying?

PBI-Chief Banaj Kumar Majumdar told Dhaka Times, ‘The investigation of the case filed against Babul Akhtar on the charge of murdering his wife is at the final stage. The chargesheeting process was underway soon. This kind of work (appeal of Babul’s case) has been done to delay the investigation after realizing the matter.’

The Mitu case was initially investigated by the thana police, but later the investigation of the case was entrusted to the city detective police. From there the PBI got the responsibility of investigation.

(Dhaka Times/September 10/RR/MOA)

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