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Body of EB student recovered, relatives claim murder

Body of EB student recovered, relatives claim murder
Body of EB student recovered, relatives claim murder

The body of Nishat Tasneem Urmi, a graduate student of Islamic University (EB) Department of Folklore Studies 2017-18 academic year, has been recovered by the police.

His body was recovered from Meherpur’s Gangni Health Complex on Thursday (September 8) night. The relatives complained that after the murder, the in-laws staged a drama by bringing him to the hospital.

It was found that while studying at school, Urmi had a love affair with Asfaquzzaman Prince, the son of Hashem Shah, the owner of Gangni’s Padma Enterprise. They got married later in college. They have a 13-month-old son at home.

Urmi’s father Golam Kibria said, “Late at night, Bei Hashem Shah told on mobile phone that her daughter Urmi was taken to Gangni Health Complex because she was sick. When asked to know the cause of the illness, it was informed that Urmi’s room window was exposed. After getting the news, I came to the health complex and found out that the girl had died long ago. He has injury marks on different parts of his body. It is believed that he was killed and covered up as suicide. When the police were informed, the body was recovered and taken to the police station.

Deputy Inspector (SI) of Gangni Police Station Shaheen said, after receiving the news, the body was recovered and sent to the morgue. A wrongful death case has been filed in this incident. Further legal action will be taken after receiving the post-mortem report

Rumi Noman/SJ/MS

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