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2 people died of dengue, 344 were admitted to hospital -

Strong typhoon Hinnamano wreaks havoc in China and Taiwan, suspending air services in Japan

Damaged East China

It has been reported that several cities in eastern China have been devastated by Typhoon Hinnamnor. Ferry services to Shanghai were suspended due to the impact of the typhoon. More than 50,000 police and rescue personnel have been deployed at Shanghai Port to bring the situation under control. Business centers in the eastern part of Wenzhou were decided to close on Sunday. All educational institutions have been ordered to remain closed till Monday by the Chinese administration. China’s National Meteorological Center issued a yellow warning for the typhoon at 10 a.m. Sunday. Heavy rain warnings have also been issued for northeastern Zhejiang, Shanghai and autonomous Taiwan. All ships have also been ordered to return to port. Besides, a ban has been imposed on any kind of large gatherings.

Taiwan hit by heavy rains

According to Taiwan’s local media sources, heavy rainfall has started in the island nation since Saturday. 600 local residents were evacuated from New Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu counties. There are reports of uprooting of trees from several areas due to strong winds. There are reports of landslides due to heavy rains. Landslides were reported from the typhoon Miaoli County. More than 100 trees are said to have been uprooted in the island nation as a result of the strong winds of the typhoon. More than 40 flights were canceled in Taiwan. Hundreds of ferry services have reportedly been cancelled.

Flood situation in several regions of Japan

Flood situation in several regions of Japan

Japan was heavily damaged by the typhoon. Footage from local Japanese media showed trees shaking violently as a result of the storm. A greenhouse built for mangoes on Ishigaki Island has reportedly collapsed. Meteorologists in Japan said that the wind speed of the typhoon has decreased a lot. But due to the typhoon, the possibility of heavy rainfall has been seen in several areas of southern Japan. The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned that flooding may occur in several areas.

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