Bardhaman News: Accidents are increasing, demanding control of traffic speed blockade of road in Palitpur of Burdwan

Road blockade in Bardhaman Palitpur demanding hump to control the speed of traffic. The siege continued for two and a half hours from seven in the morning. The protestors alleged that speed breakers or humps were not provided on the road despite repeated requests. As a result, accidents often occur. On Saturday night too, two people died in an accident on this road connecting Burdwan-Katwa and Burdwan-Siuri Road. Residents complain that vehicles are being driven recklessly at night. Accidents happen because of it. The villagers lifted the siege when the police came and promised to fulfill their demands However, if the demand is not met within five to seven days, the villagers have warned to block the Katwa road in the coming days.

According to local sources, the accident took place between the gates of Salagram and Manas Sarovar around 8:30 pm on Saturday. A speeding lorry hits two pedestrians The locals rescued him and took him to the hospital One was declared dead on arrival and another died while undergoing treatment at Burdwan Medical College Hospital. It is learned that one of the deceased is a resident of Londia and another is a resident of Purulia Both of them were workers working in HMV Pvt After that, the residents of Palitpur village blocked the road from 7 am to 9:30 am on Sunday demanding a bumper or hump on the road.

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A local resident claims, “Yesterday around 8:30 pm, two people were coming through the road when a car came at a high speed and killed them.” Two people died in the accident Accidents happen every few days on this road We have repeatedly requested the administration to arrange humps on this road But despite repeated assurances from the administration, the work is not being done As a result, in view of yesterday’s accident, we all of Palitpur village have come together and blocked the road from seven o’clock today.

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He claimed, “We have a demand for 10 humps.” The police administration came and heard our demand We all petitioned together The administration has assured that the barricade will be provided today Claimed hump within five to seven days They said they will give that too If not, we will launch a larger movement in the coming days We will also block Katwa Road if necessary.”

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Another local resident named Amit Banerjee claimed, “We have a primary school here.” Children travel As a result, accidents can happen at any time Two factory workers died yesterday The villagers were angry for a long time Haven’t even applied for hump for a long time As a result, the day was blocked The police came and gave an assurance.

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