When will Muslims make films about their religion, religious madness? Taslima’s sarcasm after seeing ‘Lakshmi boy’

Banglahunt the desk: Boycott trend has started in Tollywood as well. After two consecutive films, director Koushik Ganguly’s ‘Lakshmi Boy’ was called for cancellation by some. But if the content of the film is good, no boycott call can stop it. This has been said time and time again from the audience to the actors and actresses. This time, writer Taslima Nasrin is full of praise for Lakshmi’s son.

Does any Muslim director have the ability to make films with their own religious fanaticism? Taslima asked with a poke. Taslima has just come to see Lakshmi’s son. And after that, he praised the film on social media and threw explosive questions.

Taslima wrote, ‘I came to see Kaushik Ganguly’s Lakshmi boy. Lakshmi looked like I was the boy, the strange resemblance between the boy and me. As I have spoken the word that ought to be said, done the thing that ought to be done, the Lakshmi boy has done the same. Just like I didn’t think seven five, didn’t think what would happen or not, Lakshmi boy too. I was mixing with the character.’

Taslima was impressed by the content and direction of the film. Filled with praise, he wrote, ‘When Kaushik’s new film comes out, the question arises, is this film as good as his previous film? I do not understand how a director makes so many good films? Not all the films of the world famous Bergman, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Scorsese, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Hitchcock did well. Kaushik feels that all films are good.’

After that Taslima caused a small bomb blast. The writer’s question, ‘I was thinking while watching Lakshmi boy, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews have made many timeless films about their superstitions, religious madness and religious business, when will Muslims make films about them?’

In response to Taslima’s post, one person wrote, ‘Where have you made a habit of getting publicity by bringing religion into your words? Excuse me, you are not less in both introduction and writing, you could have made a movie. So why are you saying that who did not make what of any religion?’

Someone else wrote that none of the religions in the world are free from dogma. Educated, enlightened people should speak more and more against these dogmas.

The article is in Bengali

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