Tiktok star Tanya died in an accident due to parachute not opening

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TikTok star Tanya Pardaji. Only 21 years old. He also has a large number of fans on TikTok. This TikTok star used to post various adventures.

He was always in the center of interest of the fans. But this time he wanted to float in the sky by parachute. But the first solo attempt at skydiving resulted in an accident. Tanya disappeared from life.

This tragic incident happened on August 27, in Ontario, Canada. Wanting to float alone in the sky, TikTok star Tanya was skydiving for the first time. But the parachute did not open in time and he fell to the ground and was seriously injured. When he was taken to a local hospital, the doctors declared him dead.

A statement from Toronto’s Skydive Company said Tanya attempted to open her parachute at a very low altitude. As a result, the parachute did not open due to lack of adequate ventilation. A source claimed that he was too late to open the parachute. The agency termed Tania’s death as an unexpected incident.

Tanya was a semi-finalist in the Miss Canada Beauty Pageant in 2017 and is studying Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

The beloved Tik Tok star’s sudden death has also left his devoted followers grief-stricken. No one can accept such a death. Everyone is expressing condolences through social media.

Source: Voice of Time

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