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A.League Leader Habu Killed for Political Dominance: DB

A.League Leader Habu Killed for Political Dominance: DB
A.League Leader Habu Killed for Political Dominance: DB

Awami League leader Abu Bakr Siddique Habu was killed in Jatrabari due to political conflict and dominance in the area. The main accused in the murder case, Mushfiqur Rahman Fahim, is the vice-president of Jatrabari Thana Jubo Dal, the detective police said.

Demra zonal team of Wari Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police arrested Fahim, the main accused in the Habu murder case, from the Shiksha Bhawan crossing area under Shahbag Police Station of the capital on Wednesday.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner DB Chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said these things in a press conference at DMP’s media center on Thursday afternoon.

Haroon Or Rashid said that the arrested accused Fahim used to extort money from various shops along the footpath in Jatrabari area. There was a conflict between them about this subscription cotton. Later that day, Fahim got angry and attacked Habu.

On the evening of August 16, when the victim Awami League leader Abu Bakkar Siddique Habu reached in front of Shahid Farooq Road Nirala Hardware in Jatrabari, arrested Fahim and other accused attacked them with knives, chapatis and switch gear knives. At this time, Habur ran away with a serious injury on the right side of his stomach. Later he died while undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. In this incident, the victim’s family filed a murder case at Jatrabari police station in the capital.

DB Pradhan said, the accused Fahim told in the interrogation that the dispute with the victim Awami League leader Abu Bakr Siddique Habu was going on for a long time based on the expansion of political and area dominance.

Arrest Fahim has been arrested. A remand application will be brought to the court on Thursday. Head of DB Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said whether anyone else is involved in this incident on remand will be interrogated.

DB Joint Police Commissioner Khondkar Nurunnabi, Wari Division Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ashraf Hossain Additional Deputy Commissioner Tariqur Rahman and Demra Zonal Team Team Leader Additional Deputy Commissioner Azharul Islam Mukul were present in the press conference.

(Dhakatimes/01 Sep/AH/KM)

The article is in Bengali

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