Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone for the first time

Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone for the first time
Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone for the first time

Tensions between China and the territory’s government over Taiwan have long been simmering. That tension has reached an all-time high around Chinese military exercises around Taiwan. In this situation, Taiwan’s military shot down a drone for the first time off the coast of China.
The downed drone was originally an unidentified civilian drone and entered Taiwan’s airspace near an island off the Chinese coast on Thursday (September 1). Reuters reported this information in a report on Thursday.
According to the report, Taiwan warned a couple of days ago that Taipei would exercise its right of self-defense and ‘retaliation’ if Chinese armed forces enter its territory. They even threatened to attack any aircraft entering their territory.
Beijing claims the democratically governed Taiwan as its own territory. Following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this August, the country conducted unprecedented military exercises around the island.
Less than two weeks after Pelosi’s visit, a delegation of US lawmakers visited Taiwan. After that, China again started military exercises around the island.
Taiwan’s defense officials say China’s continued “massive” military patrols near Taiwan and Beijing’s desire to bisect the Taiwan Strait into an “inland sea” will become a major source of instability in the region.
Taiwan’s government says it will not incite anyone or raise tensions. But they have been particularly angered recently by the repeated overflights of Chinese drones over Taiwan-controlled islands near China’s coast.
The Defense Command of Kinmen, a group of islands controlled by Taiwan opposite the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou, issued a statement. The statement released by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that the unidentified civilian drone entered restricted airspace over the small Lion Island just after noon on Thursday (10:00 a.m. Bangladesh time).
It also said that soldiers on the island tried to alert the drone but to no avail. So it was shot down. The remains of the destroyed drone fell into the sea.
Earlier on Tuesday, Taiwan fired a warning shot at a drone for the first time. The firing on the drain came after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen ordered the military to take ‘strong countermeasures’, largely pointing to Chinese provocations.
A statement from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen’s office on Thursday said that while speaking to the armed forces, Tsai said China is using drone infiltration and other tactics to intimidate Taiwan.
Taiwan’s president stressed that Taiwan will not provoke conflict but that does not mean we will not take countermeasures.

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