Nidahas trophy old gun will burn today!

Nidahas trophy old gun will burn today!
Nidahas trophy old gun will burn today!

Sri Lanka has never been a rival of Bangladesh in cricket. However, since that match in the 2018 Nidahas Trophy, it seems that the Tigers have entered an undeclared rivalry with the Lankans. Ever since that match in the Nidahas Trophy, the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match has taken on a different level of excitement.

Today, Bangladesh-Sri Lanka are entering the field against each other in the fight for life and death in the Asia Cup. Both teams are cornered after losing their first match to Afghanistan. For the team that loses today, this is the last Asia Cup journey, and if they win, they will be in the hands of the Super Four. In this situation, the Nidahas Trophy match is once again knocking on the door of the memory of the fans of the two countries. Like today, that match was also an undeclared final for both teams.

On that day, the Tiger Army of Bengal had the last laugh after losing them on the ground of the Lankans. The fire of that Nagin dance of the Bengalis at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo may not have dried up from the minds of the Lankans even today. What will happen today or will the Lankans take revenge?

Before entering today’s match, in the battle of words, some are unwilling to concede even a single point. After the loss to Afghanistan, the Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka has given a kind of threat to Bangladesh. In the press conference after the match, Shanaka said, “The game against Bangladesh will be a little easier than Afghanistan, Bangladesh does not have any world-class bowlers except Shakib and Mustafiz.”

This statement of the Lankan captain did not look well from the huge fans of Bangladesh to the cricket experts. Some called Shanaka’s overconfidence. Others think that such a sensation is a strategy to make their position known and stay in talks after the loss to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in response to the words of the Lankan captain, the day before the match, Bangladesh team director Khaled Mahmud Sujan said, ‘We still have two world-class bowlers in Shakib-Mustafiz, while the Sri Lankan team does not have any bowlers. I don’t see anyone like that.’

After this fight of words between the two teams, there is much speculation about how much excitement will spread in the field fight in Dubai today. Countless cricket fans of the two countries are waiting for another encounter like that match in the exciting Nidahas Trophy.

Today at 8 pm Bangladesh time, the two teams will face each other at the Sports City Stadium in Dubai.

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