Fatal floods in Pakistan: 1100 dead

Fatal floods in Pakistan: 1100 dead
Fatal floods in Pakistan: 1100 dead

Fatal floods in Pakistan: 1100 dead

International Desk: One third of Pakistan drowned in torrential rains and floods, death toll exceeds 1,100; Among the dead were 380 children, officials said.

On Tuesday (August 30), the United Nations called on the world to stand by the South Asian country, describing this disaster as an ‘unprecedented climate disaster’.

Calling the scale of the disaster ‘unprecedented’, he also warned that the waters are not receding anytime soon.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is visiting the South Asian country next week to see the impact of this ‘unprecedented climate disaster’, a spokesman for the global organization said.

Meanwhile, 300 people including tourists trapped in the flood water have been evacuated to a safe place by helicopter.

More than 50,000 people have been taken to two government shelters. Food is being dropped from helicopters in inaccessible areas.

Floods caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains have caused extensive damage to homes, businesses, infrastructure and crops. 30 million people (15 percent of the country’s total population) have been affected by the floods in this South Asian country.

The country has recorded 190 percent (total 390.7 mm) more rainfall till the first week of August this year than the average rainfall of the last three decades.

Sindh province, home to 50 million people, has been the worst affected by the floods. Because the province has recorded 466 percent more rainfall than in the last three decades.

The country’s climate change minister, Sherry Rehman, told Reuters news agency that one-third of the country is actually under water. He also termed the severity of this disaster as an ‘unprecedented disaster’.

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