A networking event for business women in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) – A South Dakota group dedicated to promoting entrepreneurs and small business owners presented a Women in Networking Luncheon Tuesday at the Rushmore Hotel in Rapid City, focusing on empowering women in business and economic development throughout the Black Hills. .

There are several women in the Black Hills who are CEOs of their own companies. This monthly networking event hosted by the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with other businesswomen and learn different strategies; From business expansion, wealth creation and online marketing that will help expand their business in South Dakota and beyond.

“It’s really important to know what other small businesses and resources are out there for women.” Because we can do a lot to help each other. So providing these places where women can come together and talk about business, the problems they have at work, their jobs, even the technical aspects of logistics issues. Finding people they can relate to on a personal level. It’s really important to help our business grow and succeed,” said marketing expert Bailey Sadowski

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