The government informed the diplomats about the border incidents

The government informed the diplomats about the border incidents
The government informed the diplomats about the border incidents

Dhaka: The government has highlighted the Myanmar border incident to the diplomats posted in Dhaka.

Dhaka’s diplomats were briefed on Tuesday (September 20) at Rashtriya Guest House Padma.

The acting secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rear Admiral (Retd.) Khurshed Alam briefed the ambassadors, high commissioners and charge the affairs of different countries in Dhaka.

Diplomats of the United States, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Russia etc. were present.

After briefing the diplomats, the Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rear Admiral (Retd.) Khurshed Alam told reporters, “We have informed the diplomats about the border situation.

He said, Myanmar’s shell will come to us here. Will damage our lives. Our people will not be able to go to the paddy fields. Can’t go out with cows and calves. It cannot be allowed to continue. That is why we told the diplomats – Myanmar creates instability in the region so that it cannot take any advantage.

He said, I told the diplomats – we are showing enough patience. I don’t want to get involved in the work here at the border. Myanmar will get another chance if it gets involved. We do not want to give Myanmar any opportunity to create conflict and not take Rohingya.

In response to a question, Khurshed Alam said, diplomats have expressed satisfaction with our position. They also said that they will report the matter to their capital.

According to sources, the recent incident of heavy artillery shelling and mortar shelling on the territory of Bangladesh on the Myanmar border was highlighted in the briefing. At the same time, the ambassador of Myanmar was also informed about the summons in this incident.

Earlier on Monday (September 19), diplomats from ASEAN, a regional alliance of Southeast Asian nations, were briefed.

It should be noted that recently mortar shells have been coming from across the border of Myanmar to the territory of Bangladesh several times. One Rohingya has already died in this incident. Many were injured.

There is renewed fear among the residents living in the border areas due to the explosion of mortar shells and landmines on the border. Across the border inside Myanmar, intermittent explosions and occasional helicopter gunfire are now a daily companion for residents. Many do not leave the house due to anxiety and worry. Initiatives have also been taken to evacuate the border residents.

Bangladesh Time: 1252 hours, September 202022

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