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Why is Corona increasing again? | Prothom-alo

Why is Corona increasing again? | Prothom-alo
Why is Corona increasing again? | Prothom-alo

Public health experts say that in Bangladesh there is extreme indifference in compliance with hygiene rules. Public gatherings are going on, hygiene rules are not observed even in public areas.

It has a role in increasing the infection of corona. The National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 last Saturday expressed concern over the increase in infections in Bangladesh and made five-point recommendations. This includes encouraging the public to follow hygiene practices, including ensuring 100% correct wearing of masks and hand washing or use of sanitiser. In addition, it is recommended to encourage those who have not received the first, second and booster doses of the corona vaccine to receive the vaccine. The committee recommends refraining from holding meetings in confined spaces and conducting official meetings virtually as much as possible. Masks are also recommended for essential social events or gatherings.

Infections are increasing in the country, but the death toll is still low. But two weeks from now, there is no guarantee that the infection situation will not increase or the death rate will not increase, public health experts say. Therefore, besides vaccination, they say that the main way is to follow the extremely neglected hygiene rules.

ASM Alamgir said, ‘Vaccination is not the only protection measure. But following hygiene rules is a proven way. So that people can remember it, it needs to be promoted.’

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